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    What are the best one pocket tapes?

    My birthday is in two weeks! My sweet mother has insisted I suggest a gift. One pocket videos come to mind, but there's too many to choose from! Any recommendations?? Thanks in advance!
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    Best Place to Play in the Country?

    Hello there. I'm in the military, and will be picking new stateside orders soon, and would very much like to go somewhere that will allow me to develop my one pocket abilities. Where can the best one pocket players and action be found? Thanks!
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    Greatest display of knowledge and skill

    Hello there, I don't often post here so I thought I'd introduce myself. I live in Seattle, I'm a relatively new to one pocket and pool. I'm 20 years old, have been playing pool for about 5 years and one pocket for about 2. I absolutely love the game, and its a shame I rarely seen anyone less...
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    Three balls on the spot.

    I'm just learning one pocket, and I'm fortunate to have some fairly knowledgeable players to learn from. One of the shots they showed me was how to pocket either ball when there are two on the spot. Naturally I inquired as to what one can do with three balls on the spot. They said there's no way...