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  1. WillieNilly

    On the topic of Spots and handicaps

    So you got the usuall balls spots (9/8, 17/5 ect) , the ole "hit and pick", all the breaks, the infamous "hand span", mop handles:rolleyes:. ect. ect. ect. some are traps , some are the nuts, depending whos gets what and a players weakness and strengths are. the old addage " even a...
  2. WillieNilly

    new guy with some questions.

    So i finally found someone close to my speed that will play shortrack banks with me. we played 2x and have been really enjoying the hell out of it. good games , both shooting decent on a shimmed up gold crown 4.25 pockets its not uncommon to have one or both of us run a 2, 3 or 4 ...and my...