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    Tucson Arizona

    Pockets Pub 1st saturday of the month sign up at 10:30AM try to start at 11:00AM Field is capped at 16 players. If your in town for any reason, cmon' over. $20 entry fee and no greens fee. Race to 2 w/2 hour time limit. All matches are on 9ft. Diamond ProAms w/pro cut pockets (4.5in.) Winner...
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    Thread question?

    Each time I log in, I view the threads with #1 being at the bottom. This means I have to scroll down and then the 2nd is above it. How can I change it to have the #1 post at the top? Guess I'm a lil computer, or at least, forum challenged. :o
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    New Guy .....

    Hey all, I just joined and look forward reading all the good stuff. Anyhoo, I'm from Tucson, that's a couple hours south of all the good 1 pocket players :( I started running a 1 pocket tourney the 1st saturday of each month. We use a handicap format I received from Preacher...