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  1. phil dade

    Gina , not to be duplicated

    SOLD, You will be hard pressed to match this and there will never be another made. For all intents and purposes, this cue is new. I never got around to using it as I got a 17A at the same time. All white is ivory, 5 of Ernie's special shaped diamonds in the butt sleeve and teardrops in...
  2. phil dade

    Barry Szamboti Hoppe

    removed, thanks
  3. phil dade

    Bob Manzino 6 point Hoppe

    SOLD I need to downsize my cue collection. All cues are stored and because of my focus on just a few for playing , many are new or test hit. Here is the first cue Bob made for me. The Brazilian Rosewood was hand picked. It is a simple Hoppe with ivory ring and ferrule for those...
  4. phil dade

    Latest article on Bessinger's from BD

    I am posting this nice article on the legendary Bessinger's on behalf of Bill Smith, who BTW is noted as a regular in the day. Enjoy, I did. Phil
  5. phil dade

    Frank Paradise

    I have a modest cue collection of big name makers. However, this was/is my player and has been many years. While I switch around now for enjoyment, if we were to schedule a match, this Frank Paradise with a Pete Tascarella shaft would be the one for me. Looks like it started out as an ebony...