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    Best American All-Around Championship: March 29-April 5th at Buffalos $7,000 added, plus Master of the Table Prize

    Hi Joe- Do you have a daily schedule for the 3 events ? Trying to figure travel plans. Also, will Hampton offer reduced rate for the tourney? Thanks Nick
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    Varner vs Fusco - WWYD?

    That is the shot I would play. Another option would be to draw the cue ball up near the top left corner if you are skittish about sending the cue ball 4 rails. Good call Jeff.
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    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday Eddie- Go to CoCo's and immerse yourself in crabmeat. Hope to see you soon! Nick
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    Happy Birthday Tom Wirth

    Happy Birthday Tom- Hope it's a great one!
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    Anniversary/Chohan and Frost/Members

    Jason- Thanks for the kind words! So now we've hung out in Memphis (twice), Philadelphia and now South FL and I must say it has always been a good time. You are playing great and I am sorry that the set up at the venue was not conducive to matching up. Aside from that I thought it was a good...
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    Play the cueball lightly off the 13 and send him to the top rail near the top left corner pocket. I think he should have played the billiard on his first shot to get some balls on his side. Now he is playing to protect a pocket with no threatening balls near it. After DD's next shot he will be...
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    47th Annual Tx Open 9 Ball Championships Plus 1 Pocket Oct 28-Nov 1st

    Bring those new clubs to FL for a tune-up!
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    Pool in Fort Worth

    Hey Robert- Why don't you and Warren come to FL for the Frost/Chohan match. I am sure we can stir up some action. Maybe Mitch,The Colonel,Jerry and Ben can come in also. (don,t let me forget the One Hole Nut!) Could be fun - who knows?
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    Try Zingale's. Sports bar type room but you should be able to scare up some action. Good luck.
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    Happy Birthday RNEWKIRK

    Happy Birthday Robert ! Say Hi to Paula for me. Hope we get to play some soon. Nick
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    you vs him wwyd??

    The line of 3 balls on your side is a problem for you. They are not makeable as they sit for you. I would softly bank the 15ball into these balls and draw the cue off of the long rail on his side and to the foot rail. This will limit his offensive options and make it harder to keep you off of...
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    Happy Birthday Doc ! Hope you have a great one.
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    Ghost vs. Barry 8 wwyd?

    I would shoot the 5-11 combination into the left side of the 7 ball. The 11 goes toward your pocket and the cut angle on the one ball allows you to bring the cue back to where it is on the long rail. I want to protect my advantage here but from uptable my opponent has options that will cause...
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    The Best of Lockdown 2020 - One Pocket Ghost 15 ball Run

    Great shooting Dave! You made it look effortless.
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    Hey Ben It looks to me that the bank on the 8 to your hole is too thin to control the cue. That's why I suggested banking the 8 into the 13. fuller hit on the 8. ( but hey that's why you give me 9-6) Nick
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    I like 2 shots here (one defensive and one offensive) My first choice is to bank the 3 ball and roll the cue to the long rail. If it goes I cut the 13 and send my out ball towards my pocket. Second choice would be to bank the 8 into the 13 and draw cue to to top rail by the corner on his side...
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    John vs. Ray 4 - wwyd?

    Hey Robert The kiss on the 8 ball bank can be avoided with a tad of inside english. Do you ever come off of the lemon? Nick
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    Ghost vs. John 52 - wwyd?

    With centerball english cut the 9 ball thinly toward your side. cue ball catches the long rail pocketing the 13. cue ball goes to short rail and nestles to the 3 ball. Playing all cue ball here.
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    Tuscaloosa Squirrel

    When I was 14 yrs old (1964) my family lived in Hillcrest Heights MD. (right on the line between Md and DC) . About 2 miles from where we lived was a movie theater in Coral Hills MD that my friends and I would walk to. One Sat night after seeing a movie one guy in our group says that there is a...