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    Another rules question

    This situation came up in a friendly match with Smitty. He had a ball deep in the jaws, and I lined up to concede the ball. After I stroked the cue ball, the ball fell into the pocket before the cue ball got there. The cue ball touched the point and stopped in the jaws. The options seemed to...
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    Houston Seniors

    This was my third Senior/Super Senior event, and I made my usual donation to the quality players welfare fund. Bogies did their usual job of making everyone welcome in every way. John Rizzo is a great host, and contrary to his modesty, played well and definitely lasted longer than I did. I...
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    Weight among elite players

    This is my first attempt at a new thread, so please be gentle. A saw a post recently where a top player wanted 8-7 in a match against Tony Chohan. That got me wondering about how much of a factor one ball would be in a long match between two top players, like the upcoming match between Corey...
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    Most outrageous spot?

    Last week in Houston I saw a local mover give up 33-4, and came away substantial winner. It must be said that his opponent was considerably over served. Several times Mr. Mover had to wake him up and tell him which pocket was his, but still..... It would seem like a guy could get 4 balls by...