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  1. ChicagoFats

    Boiling Frogs

    Agreed... anyone that is a 700 fargo is going to be tough action... unless they hate money
  2. ChicagoFats

    Boiling Frogs

    I was definitely the frog at one point. These days I dont think anyone could hide their game enough to where I was the frog.
  3. ChicagoFats

    How good was/is Rob Melrose?

    This! I can't agree with this more.
  4. ChicagoFats

    I'm Ready

    I will take 9 7 for 1k a game.
  5. ChicagoFats

    WWYD multiple layouts for Gorst

    I agree 100% with this. I dont always take the time to see this unless I am playing a slow player.
  6. ChicagoFats

    Also the addition of the Facebook site.
  7. ChicagoFats


    I agree and would not really look at much else here.
  8. ChicagoFats


    I wish I had the opportunity to lose some money to Hendy as well.
  9. ChicagoFats


    I learn a lot from this group of guys. I appreciate this forum and the opportunity to meet all the participants.
  10. ChicagoFats


    Sorry for your loss.
  11. ChicagoFats

    Close proximity shot

    I saw Corey duel perform this technique in a live match. I noticed it as JJ was announcing it.
  12. ChicagoFats

    Close proximity shot

    Does he contact 14 first and carom into 2?
  13. ChicagoFats

    2021 Must see matches

    Alex vs chicago fats giving 15 4
  14. ChicagoFats

    30 Double Banks!

    Great story Whitey! I always enjoy your video shots.
  15. ChicagoFats

    Intentional foul jumping cue ball off table

    I have been playing with a low deflection carbon fiber for little over a year. I find it more difficult to execute the shot where the opponent has a ball in the jaws and you are making the ball.... subsequently jumping the cue ball off the table intentionally. Does a carbon fiber shaft make...
  16. ChicagoFats

    Woodward vs Smith -- WWYD?

    If that carom on the green stripe is not dead to my hole.... I would bank that 2 ball into the stack and leave him up table quadrupled up in the top right corner.
  17. ChicagoFats

    Tom Wirth Appreciation

    I was going to send him a note of the same sentiment. Thanks Tom