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    Happy Birthday Gulfport Doc

    Happy belated birthday Doc, you are truly a class act.
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    Deuel vs Orcollo

    He is the epitome of a Professional, his demeanor and presence bring real class to the Derby. It's far too easy to take someone like that for granted.
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    Deuel vs Orcollo

    What an out, that was humbling.
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    Deuel vs Orcollo

    That was some conservative moving. The cue ball spent more time in the stack than any of the other balls.
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    Danny DiLiberto needs help

    I'm in for a hundy.
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    Who had the highest gear you've ever seen for the dough?

    Freddy's story about Fats and Richie Florence is a good example of that. The fancy phrase is "situational awareness".
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    Who had the highest gear you've ever seen for the dough?

    No question about it.
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    Who had the highest gear you've ever seen for the dough?

    "left an impression" is that like a dent in the side of my car? :)
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    Matching-up choice

    Traditionally OP was compared to tennis, if you had the break and even up against your opponent you were expected to win. In other words the break was a big advantage. I also like the idea of the other guy having to carry the burden of my break every other game.
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    Willie, Jimmy, and Charlie trick shots!

    Wow! Good call Doc. Jimmy Caras won his third world championship in '38 and his fourth in '49. Willie Mosconi won his first in '41. Thanks to Charles Ursitti for compiling and providing the records on his website.
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    Tall Jeff

    It sounds like your last resort may be your kitchen and yourself? Good luck, they sound tasty.
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    Wannabe Wade Crane (Billy Johnson)

    Those are some pretty big shoes to fill!
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    Hi Mary, We've never met but I just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed your pool photos a...

    Hi Mary, We've never met but I just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed your pool photos a great deal. Cheers!
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    Steve Cook shot

    Exactly, with the cue ball moving the way it did that move tolerated a fair amount of uncertainty in the subsequent collisions of the object balls. The movement of the balls is similar to a trick shot in Robert Byrne's book. In the trick shot 3 balls all go into the same pocket one right after...
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    Joe Porper

    I visited his shop in the early-mid eighties to buy a case. It was in the west San Fernando valley, Canoga Park I think. He was kind enough to give me a short tour of his shop. I'm still using the 2x4 case, quality indeed. I hope he's singing to the LORD right now.
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    I subscribed to Pat Fleming's Accustats newsletter and devoured the numbers as they came out. Buddy Hall always stood head and shoulders above the pack; people knew his game was superior and the numbers showed it. When I read about the antics of Efren's backers( "Where's the beef?"), especially...
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    House of Billiards - Santa Monica Ca

    The end of an era. Watching those golf games on the snooker table during the early 80's was quite an education for a young player.
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    Hall vs Thorpe 2020 DCC One Pocket Finals

    That kick at 31:40 was something; what do you do with a player like that? Well I guess you get to hill-hill and go 8 and out; what was I thinking?
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    Bellflower Ca. circa 1971

    I apologize for hijacking this thread, it wasn't intentional. This thread is about a particular pool room at a particular time. I've edited my original post to delete my anecdote because it was at a different place and time. I was thinking about how sometimes you do get an amazing confluence of...
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    A Golf Story

    You've got cajones John, that would have scared me off. Thanks for the story; these stories are one of the best parts of this site.