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  1. levartze

    seniors one pocket tournament 2022

    Al Markasky and I have paid our entry and booked air flights. Still need to book a hotel. Is there a list of players signed up and coming?
  2. levartze

    Jimmy Matz

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing!
  3. levartze

    2022 Bogies Seniors

    Yes. Do it as friends and family.
  4. levartze

    2022 Bogies Seniors

    How can we see who has signed up and how many openings are still available?
  5. levartze

    2022 Bogies Seniors

    All 4 of us are planning on playing at the Jerry Johnson One Pocket Tournament @Hardtimes in Sacramento July 23-24. Hoping to see you there!
  6. levartze

    2022 Bogies Seniors

    Alpo and I are going. We’ve already paid for our tickets and paid the entry fee via PayPal. I’m working on ATM and the Walrus (so far no, but they both love one pocket and enjoyed the last visit…)
  7. levartze

    Bucket list

    Nice one! Congratulations!
  8. levartze

    Official Rules Poll

    Thank you Steve!
  9. levartze

    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    Or, Hardtimes in Sacramento.
  10. levartze

    Congratulations Bob Jewett

    Congratulations Bob, well deserved! Thank you for all you have done for promoting billiards (pocket and 3C) over the years.
  11. levartze

    Hehe, Sorry Barry, I'm must be getting too old! lol Was I supposed to send you something? I...

    Hehe, Sorry Barry, I'm must be getting too old! lol Was I supposed to send you something? I know we talked and I remember you going to send me your e-mail, I forgot the other part.... Trying to do too many things these days - the wife has such a large Honey-Do List for me.. :)
  12. levartze

    Covid-19 and

    Thorsten Hohmann is working together with Wei Chao for promoting CUE LAB an application for the iphone. It's very cool if you have an iPhone or iPad; have no idea if they plan on porting it to platforms. Thorsten is working with To find out more, go to the Facebook page...
  13. levartze

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! - aka cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday!
  14. levartze

    3 day rule discussion/moving on!

    And typically, if he doesn’t say anything and complains after the fact, the ref usually goes with the shooter.
  15. levartze

    3 day rule discussion/moving on!

    Hehe, like football, maybe we can have decisions made by video reviews? :)
  16. levartze

    3 day rule discussion/moving on!

    I think that was the point of incorporating the 45 degree rule at Derby City. It’s too difficult to see exactly in real time and some decisions will be inaccurate. I’ve asked someone to watch a shot and to me the shot was inaccurately called and you just have to live with the decision.
  17. levartze

    Sharing a couple of old PM's

    Here is one on YouTube: Ronnie Allen and Richie Florence at 07:05 . Hazards of being on the road at 18:25 . Surfer Rod at 23:40 . Ed Kelly at 25:23 . Bucktooth at 30:53 . Johnny Vives at 37:38 . Good Times at 42:07 . Here is another one:
  18. levartze

    3 day rule discussion/moving on!

    Hi Dennis, Thanks for sharing these videos - very cool! If I take a piece of paper and align its edge vertically with the left edge of the object ball in your first example, if the cue ball comes into view (it does), it went past the contact point. Even though the cueball draws back, this...
  19. levartze

    3 day rule discussion/moving on!

    Good point Steve.
  20. levartze

    3 day rule discussion/moving on!

    Good rule. Saves a lot of arguments.