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  1. Alfie Taylor

    Sweet words are the best when needed most

    To the people who took time to write such comforting words about my brother, Jack's passing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. They meant so much to me and to Jack's children, who are reading them at his service. For those of you who wrote and didn't know jack or read about him in my book...
  2. Alfie Taylor

    Jack Taylor has passed

    This morning I got a call that my brother Jack has passed away last night in Galveston Texas. His wife, Cozy, was at his side. My heart is broken. He meant so much to me as a mentor, a protector and a good brother. A lot of you knew Jack. His times on the road with Eddie Taylor and Minnesota...
  3. Alfie Taylor

    Say good-by to a good friend, billy mack.

    I wrote about Billy Mack a few months back when he began fighting advanced stomach cancer. Last week, just as they found it had stabilized, they also discovered it had moved to his brain. Now his life is measured in weeks. You can find better players in the industry but I doubt you'll find any...
  4. Alfie Taylor

    Banking with the Beard review

    All i can say fredrick is... All i can say fredrick is... after 25 years of my boring my lovely wife to tears with my long winded tales of my pool playing days, your book arrives and she won't put it down. She's learning a lot of pool parlor lingo, as well: "What are snappers, honey?"...
  5. Alfie Taylor

    Please dont miss this...please

    Greetings pocket billiard lovers. I have a treat for anyone who has a competitive nature. And dat be us. This man is so proficient in his skills that he is not to be believed. punch up You will be glad you saw this bolt of lightning. Keep it speedy. Alfie
  6. Alfie Taylor

    Services for norma staton

    will be tomorrow (Sat) at McMillan Small Funeral home in Myrtle Beach S.C. 906 67th Ave. N. 28572. Phone 843-449-3396. Visitation Sat. eve. Services are 2 pm Sun. Heaven is a better place since her arrival. Alfie Taylor
  7. Alfie Taylor

    Weenie beanie's wife passes

    I could not be sadder than I am to say Norma Jean Staton left this earth today. Norma was our dear friend. She lived so graciously in her husbands limelight and many of you who knew her knew she was a lady cut of finer cloth than most. My wife, Judi, and I were fortunate enough to travel the...
  8. Alfie Taylor

    Eddie taylor dvd winners,,,listen up

    For those who won my EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVD and sent me your address, your prize is in the mail. For those who won and didn't check the winning numbers (Feb. 8th), it's not too late. For those who won and don't want this two hours of pool history, I say "Booo". Not really. Keep...
  9. Alfie Taylor

    Alfie's shooting air balls

    Hey to my friends who have received a copy of my EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVDs that didn't play. Company mal-function or something. Don't kill me, please. Just write me for another copy. Sorry. The winners of my last givaway should receive their copy this coming week. Thanks and...
  10. Alfie Taylor

    Winners wake up

    I posted the names of the ten winners of my EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVDs but have only heard from a few of you. Don't hurt my feelings by not accepting your prize, please. If you are one of the winners, send your address to Better hurry. The statute on claiming...
  11. Alfie Taylor

    Winners of eddie taylor dvd

    Good morning, my one pocket aficionados (I had to look up that spelling. Wouldn't you?). Here are the winning numbers for EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVDs. On some of the winners, where I knew the winner already had it, I marked "sub" for a substitution that I will send. if I missed...
  12. Alfie Taylor

    Drawing postponed one day

    Out of respect for the passing of Ronnie Allen, I am going to post the winners of my EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVDs tomorrow. Today doesn't seem like a time for happiness in our world. Thank you. Alfie Taylor
  13. Alfie Taylor

    Last chance to enter

    If any of my OP friends haven't registered to win my EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVD, and would like to, this will be your last chance. DON'T REGISTER ON THIS THREAD. I think you will find the post to register around page four, (Jan21st). The drawing is on the 7th (my pop's birthday)...
  14. Alfie Taylor

    Solve a riddle__win a prize

    The question isn't about pool but the prize is. It's a set of my ARCHER/REYES DVDs, an EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL DVD and my IN SEARCH OF THE SAMURAI...CJ WILEY at the ALL JAPAN TOURNAMENT documentary. The first answer wins so here goes: You are in a room with two exit doors. One of...
  15. Alfie Taylor

    I guess it's no good...

    Never mind. Nobody likes a crybaby. My apologies. Keep it adult. Alfiue
  16. Alfie Taylor

    Hey book winners

    You should have received your book by now. Please let me know if you haven't. Thanks. Keep it accurate. Alfie
  17. Alfie Taylor

    Another pesky contest

    IT'S JUST OLD LONELY ALFIE WANTING TO SHARE SOMETHING... Years back I produced a video EDDIE TAYLOR AND THE LEGENDS OF POOL. In honor of what a gentleman Eddie was, I would like to offer ten winners a DVD, with my compliments. Just register here and on Feb. 7th I will do the drawing and start...
  18. Alfie Taylor

    Attention, please, book winners

    Greetings, my brothers and sisters of the "Pocket apiece club". I sent your books by media mail (book rate). Now, I wish I hadn't. I hate looking cheap. Anyway, they should reach you this next week. Thank you for your patience. Keep it nice. Alfie
  19. Alfie Taylor

    Wake up book winners

    You're going to hurt my feelings if you don't show up to collect your prize. There are only a couple of winners that haven't PMed me but I want them to know the offer expires when I do...and, I'm older than dirt...But, I still play pretty pool. keep it healthy. Alfie
  20. Alfie Taylor

    So, i goofed. Kill me already.

    Greetings again. Whilst drawing for the book winners i used too many numbers from working on a larger drawing. There is no 22 or 23 so i drew again and got numbers 4 and 5. I've looked up the names of the winners: 12. Oldroller...2. Tsk7878...13. Jg in kentucky...14. Wgcp... 16. Cascader...19...