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    2022 Fall Regional Tournament - Memphis - November 4-6

    Cant wait to see you guys !!
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    When are you a pro ?

    Not small town ,memphis tn..but small pool world lit up over it.
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    When are you a pro ?

    Hey guys, This is a question about a scenario that came up in a weekly bar box 8 ball tournament but I am curious your guys take on things . So owner of a small bar with 3 bar box tables has regular Friday 8 ball non handicap event ,$10 entry fee. It is a race to 2 on winners side and one...
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    one pocket weekly league

    Hey guys , A few of us have been discussing how to create a weekly onepocket league /match play/ handicap setup that requires very little monitoring and easy to manage . Our goal is to have one day a week to have a designated time that you know you can play at least one match/race for few $$...
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    One Ball One Pocket

    Yes it is played that way here ...similar to snooker where you spot up after shot and shoot ball in hole again. These guys going to 2 play position on the spot shot so it is 2 and done !
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    Hey cant wait to see you guys again
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    short rack tournament

    ok guys have a question, I had never played a game of short rack onepocket till the last few weeks . Based on the Southaven tournament I thought I might need to get some practice so I made my son play me some over the weekend . I the spirit of promoting the sport and keeping young blood...
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    shortened ball count or short rack

    Hey guys I saw this in the promo for the October in Memphis ..for loser side long matches ....I have never played that way can you elaborate on how a short rack is played ... as always appreciate the info .. joekerley
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    all ball foul pros and cons

    Around Memphis the all ball foul rule is showing up with mixed success in one pocket matches. I would say 50/50. I happen to play it a lot ( my opponent's choice) and found one plus might turn down some cue ball in the stack shots which helps on the defense side of things . A minus...
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    things to do in memphis

    Hey guys really enjoyed you guys last time and looking forward to this one .I thought a little local info might help , such as our interstate I/40 ,I 240 makes just one huge circle around the city. Bills Place (the rec.) is only 5 minutes from this loop . It takes maybe 45 min to drive whole...
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    Any idea why so few women play one pocket?