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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    Very impressive contribution to the Sacramento one pocket scene from eastern supporters. Hard Times owners have shown themselves to be among the best in the country so the draw of players should be strong. As a local I can't wait.
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    2022 Top 10

    I agree about Tony's match with Filler being unrepresentative of this relationship. Tony has had an open challenge to Filler, to which Filler has not responded. While in Sacramento recently Fedor said Tony wont play Fedor his best game where he is the favorite, ten ball, so he will not play...
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    Gorst v. Frost One pocket July 8-10, 2022 on

    Gorst seemed to do everything right except shooting long shots. The only thing I remember him missing much were long shots where the cue ball is fairly close to the object ball but the pocket was far away. These shots can be challenging for anyone but they were the only shots I remember him...
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    Fred Whalen?

    I can add a couple of names I remember, Joe Balsas and Lou Butera. They had Butera enter down a stairway into the arena one time carrying a real tommy gun to match his nickname. These were great tournaments for the sweater, if the matches going on didn't interest you a visit to the practice...
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    Your commentary was excellent John.
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    wwyd in this scenario!

    I liked all these shots Whitey, as I do all your posts. Thanks.
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    The Back Room @ The Jointed Cue

    That's a good field John, should be fun to watch. You and Bart work well together.
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    Ghost Stood by Us, but did we stand by him?

    I'll match you Steve.
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    Ghost Stood by Us, but did we stand by him?

    I missed "T-Shirt Gate", what was it? I would also welcome back the Ghost.
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    Promoting One Pocket at Jointed Cue

    It seems this round robin could be quite an undertaking depending on the race in each match, do you know what is planned?
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    Promoting One Pocket at Jointed Cue

    The previous owners add a fourth table a few years before the room closed. The remodel did cost them one table in the front but the improvements were worth it.
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    Hard copy version of "Controlled Aggression"

    Hi Tom, I would like a copy of the hardback if available.
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    The Lion Is In Town

    I think Steve could win at that spot but he has to maintain his focus. As John said he has other responsibilities to attend too, and winning against Alex doesn't allow for much diversion away from the game at hand.
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    Walking with Giants, Hippy Jimmy

    I was watching one time where Cue Ball Kelly called him for a foul when his hair touched a ball. I think that was in LA at the Elks tournament. You might have been there John. I didn't know you then.
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    A triumphant return

    Nachos Grande. Went right through them.
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    LeCue Club 1970

    The first time I saw Stevens play I almost gave up pool. It was a Friday night, by Sunday he was back to earth. But what a player.
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    Chohan vs Compton

    Thanks all.
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    Chohan vs Compton

    Has anyone had any trouble navigating the Rack'em web site? Anywhere I try to go I am sent back to the login page. I am trying to contact them about the start times and having no luck.
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    John Schmidt vs. the One Pocket Ghost

    Great to see you on this site John. I've had the opportunity to watch you play one pocket several times around California and always learned something.