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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    Wife and I both enjoyed the tournament a little surprised how she likes to watch. thanks for the great stream. Also after three weeks got to play a little yesterday, 2 racks and I was done, Chemo really knocks you down.
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    Right move or not

    That was an option but you are giving the other player the advantage of the two balls on the spot and ball in hand, plus you now need two. I think making him shoot was the right thing it was a very difficult shot, cue ball in pocket object ball on spot. Not a shot you practice.
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    Enjoyed it, good commentary and interesting games.
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    Right move or not

    Thank you
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    Just watched an 8 ball match from 2017 of SVB vs Thorpe on a 7' Diamond. Was very interesting and appeared much tougher than on a 9'. All I am playing now are (' Diamond Pro-ams, I could see myself on an 7' occasional just for variety. "
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    Right move or not

    Thanks Whitey We caught it early and have process already in place to deal with it. Things seem to be going good although it's going to take some time to totally get through it.
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    Right move or not

    Thanks Steve, the angle I had would have probably just gave him an easier spot shot , my draw does have it's limitations lol. But I'm just glad to be playing at almost 80 and also dealing with some cancer.
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    Right move or not

    Game is down to last ball. Opponent leaves it in the upper left pocket (Diamond Pro-Am) deep where it cant be hit off the rail, His pocket is lower right. I have two choices either follow it in or just sink it and leave the cue in the pocket. I should mention this is just a "friendly game, no...
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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    Sounds great really looking forward to it.
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    Today Was The Day

    Thanks John, looking forward to the BEF fun to watch, even my non pool playing wife is into it.
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    Today Was The Day

    John, good hearing your commentary again, really been enjoying the matches from Post up. I do have one question though, could you ask Collins if he will be posting the finals of the Crockett on youtube? If it's out there I can't seem to find it. Thanks
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    Buddy and Billy accustats

    On my schedule for later today. Never saw Buddy play 1P
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    does jayson shaw play much?

    Saw a video of him doing the same thing on an English 8 ball table, just amazing.
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    2022 Top 10

    I just watched the Make it Happen match between Efren and Danny Smith, Know Efren is "retired" but what happened to Smith? That match was great.
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    Bad move

    Doesn't just apply to the reds, called a foul and a miss. Does get a bit more complicated after multiple attempts. Without the setup at major tournaments very hard to do in a typical game.
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    Great match

    I also noticed that Alex was wearing glasses, can't think of any other current top player who uses them. I have often wondered how glasses effect your play. I have double vision and don't have any choice in the matter.
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    Great match

    Just watched the Pagulayan V Gabriel match from 2022 Derby City. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Accu-stats
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    CHICAGO FATS with The Spin Junkies - Shots 3 & 4

    Nice shots, but those balls UGH!
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    That would have been a very interesting match-up. Then again there are quite a few of these "what if " matches that would draw a lot of attention.
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    what's the best pocket size/dimensions for 1p?

    I'm playing on a Diamond pro am with 4 1/2" pockets, sure wouldn't want them any tighter for my skill level.