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    Efren Reyes at DCC

    Will Efren compete this year?
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    Stardust Bowl

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stardust had 22 total tables, one billiard table, 3 or 4 snooker tables, and 17 0r 18 gold crowns, 48 Brunswick lanes. It opened in 1964 and closed in 2008. Bob Wetzel was the first manager. previous to that he...
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    Pool On ESPN2

    Today at 4-5-6PM CST. 9 ball.
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    Pool Room Photos on eBay He has many more, search his other items. I don't know him.
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    World 14.1 Schmidt over Reyes 200-169.
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    Did Gary Pinkowski beat everyone playing 1P at North Shore in Chicago?

    Did Gary Pinkowski beat everyone, playing 1P, at North Shore Billiards, back when it was open? Artie B was not there at that time. Bugs was.
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    Information about Eddie Chris McGeahan

    I saw Chris play a few times at Stardust Bowl in Hammond Indiana, about 40 years ago. Locals called him "The Old Man From Gary" Onetime he played Brooklyn Charley straight pool to 150. Brooklyn Charley was ahead 68 to minus 3. Chris won the game 150 to 65. I have seen Chris mentioned a few times...