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    The Ghost's One Pocket Instructional

    Here's a copy of The Ghost's One Pocket Instructional Manifesto that was asked about, and for the newer members who have never seen it, to view. The Ghost e-mailed it to me a couple of years ago. I had to post it up in two separate posts because it was too long to be accepted by the site here...
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    "Pot's and pan's" and the Ghost

    On Facebook today, Mary Kenniston put up a pic taken at the DCC of the Ghost with my old friend Bernie "Pot's and pan's" Rogoff. Here's a copy of the pic for you non-Facebook guys:
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    A great 'golden oldie' - Efren vs. Nick Varner!

    One pocket semi-final match from the very first DCC in 1999. And I was there, and remember watching this match in person. Man oh man, I sure do miss those great early years of the DCC at the Executive West hotel: Cliff playing Efren, Grady playing Stalev the Russian, and that epic 2 day match...
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    Justin Bergman giving a kid 17-3 right now live > Score is tied up at 2 games each. Justin ran a tough 15 last game.
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    Who says great movers can't beat shooters playing one pocket:

    Contrary to many opinions, it's not all about shooting in these modern times. Representing for the old school movers and the seniors (y) 🧠 :) >>> Bob Herchick gives super straight shooting John Morra a moving lesson, crushing him 4-0 at the U.S. Open One Pocket tournament.
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    Re. the Earl vs. Sigel one pocket match

    Sigel's theatrical mannerism's and his jabbering are beyond annoying to watch/listen to - it's worse than watching Dennis or Alex get up and down on their shot 5 times. (n) It's the first time I ever felt bad for Earl, lol. In contrast, guys like Efren, Bustamante, Tony, Corey, Chip, Evan...
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    Fedor Gorst vs. James Aranas

    For those of you that weren't aware of, and haven't seen this match up, here's a nice hefty 7-1/2 hrs. of One Pocket by two of the young gun/up n' coming One Pocket pro's: Fedor Gorst vs. James Aranas - courtesy of the excellent "Roy's Basement" >...
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    Another gift from Accu-Stats

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    Matching-up choice

    This matching up discussion came up today between two guys, so let me get some opinions from you guys > Which do you think is a bigger spot, and which would you rather give up to a player who plays approx. 1-1/2 balls under you - 10-8/9-8 or all the breaks? Old School
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    Some one pocket action happening in California this evening (on Facebook)

    Mika Immonen vs. Hawaiian Jimmy - races to 7 - Jimmy getting 9-6, I believe - good quality stream:
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    Evgeny Stalev aka "The Russian"

    Evgeny, a great player, was the first of the 'Russian invasion'. He led the way for Ruslan, Kristina, etc. I was surprised to see that he is signed up to play in the $4,500 added 9ball tournament in Augusta, Georgia next weekend. Haven't seen his name for a minute, didn't know that he was...
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    It depresses me to say, but our excellent site here (thank you Steve Booth), has lost much of it's vitality, content, and participation. And I attribute that to three things: 1. The pandemic. 2. The, now canceled, acrimonious political threads. 3. The Ghost having inexplicably...
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    Drexeline Billiards and Covid-19

    Sad and scary. This was posted at azbilliards. Is it true, accurate? Anybody here know anything about it? > "2 at Drexeline passed away Bob Burt and Ray Murphy, bunch more in icu, 15 got it, some hospitalized, bad shit, be careful, we were, did not protect us."
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    Evan Lunda and Dennis Orcullo in action in Detroit

    The streaming is not the best, but still, it is free streamed action. After the 3:00 mark the camera steadies. Old School
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    Shane shooting

    At 44:00 in this video check out the shot that Shane shoots to break up the stack and continue his run of balls. what a great shot and stroke, with no reward. How many players would load up with inside english and hit that shot that good. Old School
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    Santos Sambajon

    Imo, Santos doesn't get the credit or recognition that he deserves re. his one pocket game. His name never comes up when assessing who are the best 15 one pocket players, but I think it should. If you haven't already seen it, watch this match where Santos out thinks and out plays Orcullo to win...
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    Hey there Steve Booth...

    Daniel, or whoever is assigning tournament match tables. Between gambling and tournament matches, the same 4 guys (John H. Mitch, Tom W. & Robert N.) have been on the streaming table for 2 days. Please put some new faces on that table. It would be good to see some locals that we've never seen...
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    The "Magician" vs. "Mr. 400"

    It's 10ball not one pocket, but it's a great shot. When John leaves Efren with an off angle combination on the 10ball, Efren manages to 'get lucky' on the shot ;) At 3:30 in the video. Old School
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    Chris's Billiards

    This morning I talked to a friend of mine who's a regular at Chris's Billiards. He said there's been a pretty good amount of action there in recent weeks. Last weekend there was a $1000 added 8ball tournament. Ike Runnels and some player from Indiana (don't know the name) split 1st place. I...