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  1. Skin

    Was this OK?

    2018 DCC 1p semi. You can see the game score and ball count. Critical point in the match. Watch what Busty did during Tony's inning as it appeared Tony was about to pocket scratch.
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    "THE BEST ONE-POCKET I HAVE EVER SEEN" - Bill Incardona, The Voice of Accu-Stats.

    Just posted by Accu-Stats. I'd like to know who, if anyone, mentored Danny Smith in his youth. This is a phenomenal match with Efren.
  3. Skin

    What's your call on this?

    Opening break by Thorpe v. Hanes - DCC 2019. One Pocket dot Org Rules 2.2 The opening break begins with ball in hand behind the head string. On the break, the cue ball may contact either a cushion or any ball in the rack first, but in either case, after contacting at least one ball, an object...
  4. Skin

    Let the WEI wars begin!

    I'm just posting this mainly to see if the new chalky sticks diagram tool [ ] might work here. Your shot. You need them both. Your hole is marked by the 3 ball. Wwyd?
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    "He's got side boards"

    I heard that expression a couple times during the commentary to a 1p match I watched. I couldn't figure out what it meant by looking at the table. Anybody (everybody but me :o) know? Thanks.
  6. Skin

    BD Stroke of Genius 1p clips

    Lots of fun to be had watching these. :):)
  7. Skin

    A blast from the past, literally :eek:
  8. Skin

    Cliff's break v. Runnels

    I caught this video last night and was surprised to see the way Joyner broke in the match. Have a look starting at 1:00. Ten foot table, 4.25" pockets. It was a good match, including a major sharking (well, looked like it anyway) put on Runnels at about 18:20. It was the 2012 Kamui Pay or Play...
  9. Skin

    Bugs 1p bank shot for position

    Well, Bugs talks about its use as a 1p shot, but it IS a bank shot after all, so I posted here. :) Skin
  10. Skin

    He scratched on the break

    This is a simple situation that I have been meaning to bring up for a while. Opponent scratches on the break and more times than not you have this shot available. Combo the ball by his side into the ball by his hole and try to drive both towards the stack to open balls up on your side. Should be...
  11. Skin

    Is low inside out on the break now?

    I watch many of the live streams and pay particular attention to the break because I think it is a key shot. I have noticed that the trend seems to be away from low inside and freeze to the rail in favor of middle inside and leave the cb a few inches off the rail. Why??? Skin
  12. Skin

    Two-pocket, one pocket table from Diamond?

    There is an interesting thread over at the other site where the guy from Diamond talks about some new tables, including 10 footers and a two-pocket only table for 1p. It's worth a read...well, what he has to say anyway. :D Looks like the 1p prototype will be on display at Tunica...
  13. Skin

    I see that today is Ghost's birthday

    Boo! Not much longer before they are going to be woofin' "Old Man!" at you. Here's wishing you a spirited nurse today. :D Skin
  14. Skin

    To Dallas Billy (Dr. Bill) Incardona

    Bill, I'm not aware of what you were apologizing for in your thread but I want to tell you sincerely, on the level, that your contributions are helping my game. I am looking at the table and seeing things differently. I am much more aware of percentages (by nature I am an intuition player, ex-9...
  15. Skin

    Looks like Billy I and John H waiting on a partners game the Insdie Pool stream TV table. Skin
  16. Skin

    Owen v. Shuff

    Thanks to Ray "Big Truck" Hansen (thanks, Ray!), we have this problem to discuss. It occurs at ~1:42 in the match as posted by Ray at his Pool Action TV site. Race to four. Shuff is corner hooked after Owen moved the 5 away and dropped the stripe on the spot in the uptable corner pocket. What...
  17. Skin

    Testing. Do NOT reply to this thread

    Will see if, after posting, clearing the text and hitting the back button works to delete the thread.
  18. Skin

    Can I delete this thread before anyone posts on it?

    Don't post. ;) _________ Nope. Can't delete. The only editing options are save, go advanced (no delete option there), and cancel. Skin < still wears the King of Delete crown :)
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    Skin's B Level One-Pocket Player Manifesto

    Ghost got a lot of mileage out of his manifesto, mostly self-propelled by the way ;), so I thought I'd post something for aspiring B players by an admitted one. Who knows, somebody great may post something like "AttaBoy" and make me look better, boost my ego. :) Reality check 1. You're not...
  20. Skin

    early game decision

    Here's a situation that comes up often, especially in the early game. He's ahead 3-2. You have a makable back cut bank on a ball at the foot end of the table that will give natural position for a good run if you make it, will sell out if you don't, but you also have a good opportunity for...