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  1. wgcp

    Thought process

    Okay, so this is what I think about when I play...which hasn't been too often lately 1. What can I make, can I run more than one, what are the percentages of making the shot, what can I move the cue into to get another shot...does this shot risk the entire game...yes, I play a little...
  2. wgcp


    Okay gonna seem strange but I need 5 diamond bar box's....have 20k and if any of you know of any I am willing to come and get them myself....
  3. wgcp

    Derby City

    Anybody going to go? The new discounted room rates are now up...I just haven't booked it yet...
  4. wgcp

    sometimes just for fun

    tonight I got a call to come to a bar, the owner said someone wanted to play some sets of 9 ball for 50...okay I went it was a young guy who plays pretty sporty...he lost the bar closed...he told me he wanted to play one pocket...okay come to my its 3 something in the morning and I...
  5. wgcp

    Member only tournament

    Pool Halls are it time to start to think about the tournament and schedule? Also the seniors even though I can't play in it... B
  6. wgcp

    Why not?

    Okay so during this mandated stay at home and social distancing... this is what sheer boredom has accomplished for me... Bought a machinist level...found out that my diamond table wasn't as level as I thought...had a 10 thousand drop consistent though the length of the several hours...
  7. wgcp


    So I am a little slow on the uptake sometime but how did I lose the verified member and become a well known member? shouldnt it say well known mark? Roflmao
  8. wgcp


    Anyone from the site interested in the tournament there. I would consider going if someone wants to split a room and rental car. The dates are 23 June or the end of the month. 9 ball and one pocket. 125 gets you entered in both venues. B
  9. wgcp

    Road trip

    So this Friday I load up and drive with Mary K. It layfayette for the white diamond tournament. Come home on Monday. Then jump on an airplane and go to Atlanta to meet up with hardmix and go and play in the great Smokey mountain shootout. Going to these tournaments is all about trying to get...
  10. wgcp

    Quick road trip

    Drove to Atlanta this weekend with my wife to visit hardmix and his wife Kristen. Stayed Friday and Saturday night. Absolutely a great time. Only played Ben for about 18 hours over that period of time. I have got to say I had never played him and well I got my ass handed to me, at all games...
  11. wgcp

    Table speed question

    Does anyone know how to speed up older cloth on a table. My diamond has year old cloth, 760 Simonis, yet plays about two diamonds slower than the tables do at derby. All responses welcome. B
  12. wgcp

    Derby trip

    First and foremost playing and seeing the members of one is the highlight of every pool trip I go on. Great expectations when I got there, felt great about how I had played this year and thought I would continue to play well. Josh Roberts changed my tune the first match of bank...
  13. wgcp

    Thank you

    With all the great players on this site to be chosen to be sponsored is an honor and a privilege. Congrats to Chicago mike. Thank you guys very much. I damn sure will grind as hard as I can and play my heart out . This was a great Xmas present this year. Thanks again. B
  14. wgcp

    Seniors in Houston

    Since I am still wet behind the ears and not old enough to play in the tournament I offer my pitiful pool skills for those who are in the tournament to practice against. My dance card is empty and I will be there for the entire tournament. B
  15. wgcp

    Amateur championship

    I know it’s not one pocket but to make it to the amateur you have to win one of these. I snapped mine off in Tallahassee this weekend.
  16. wgcp

    Us open

    Okay I may be foolish but I am now an entrant in both the one pocket and the banks. Saw nick p. And Bernie p. Are both in the one pocket. I am the only guy on the list with a Fargo rating of 0. Go figure... Rooming with Kentucky, should be a blast. B
  17. wgcp

    New Walter Kelley cue

    New cue from Walter. Some of you may remember the cue from derby a year ago.
  18. wgcp

    The last 6 months

    I have to admit I am tired. I woke up this morning and the first thought in my head was, why did I run a harder pattern than I had to in the last game I played last night. I realize that many of you turn your nose up at pool league. I did too prior to joining. I am now playing 5 nights a week...
  19. wgcp

    Do I have a target painted on me?

    Over the past seven days I have had calls asking if I was going to come play in tournaments from Pensacola, Houston,Memphis, and just got off the phone with Kentucky bill saying jump on a plane and come out to California. I must be “the mark”, that travels. Lol B
  20. wgcp


    Just a note to say if you want to play some tough action. Play Jim. He played okay against me last week, you make a mistake he wins. Even if you have a large lead. Really a tough competitor who is a lot of fun to play against. Look forward to our next match. B