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    Lookin for a Gold Crown. PM me with price, location and shape of table please. Found one.
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    Inner game of tennis

    My game as gotten so bad of late that I'm at a loss as to how to cure it. I have no confidence whatsoever and seem to concentrate more on mechanics than getting the ball in the hole. I'm liable to miss one a foot from the pocket! I've just read a little bit about the book "The inner game of...
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    how bout ths one

    here's a shot Larry Cox from Chicago put on me. He needed 1.
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    Blues Man: Playin for The Beard.

    Had in interesting match today with Larry Cox from Chi-town. My brother taped it and Larry did some of his music on it. Will send you a copy Freddy.
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    McDaniel Collectible

    Bill made this cue for me around 1980. It's a 4-point cue. The forearm is highly figured birdseye maple with four floating ebony points with each point having an ivory inlay. The butt sleeve is birdseye maple with an ebony collar and seven (7) ivory inlays in it. The shaft is hard rock...
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    for N.H. Steve

    Trying to empty my PM folder but when I hit empty folder it still shows there are 287 messages stored, although only see 3. What to do?
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    poolroom equipment for sale

    6 pro 8 steepletons,3 bar tables,all table accessories, bar stools ,tables,chairs, house cues and racks,2 refrigerators, ice maker,computer, cash register,etc. Pm me for phone#. This is a package deal.
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    Do any of ya'll now how he got his nickname? I do.
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    I've got a ball frozen on the first diamond up from my pocket. My opponent kicks at it from up table {bout the middle of the table} hits ball and rail at the same time. Is that not a foul?
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    How did Jimmy Spears get his nickname?
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    most entertining players

    Maybe some of ya'll might like to chime in on this. Most entertaining playersI've ever watched: Ronnie Allen, Keith McCready, Jimmy Mataya,and Alex Pagulayan.
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    need 3

    See how I got em? I've got right hand pocket
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    What happened to the list of one-pocket players past and present? One of my good friends and high rollin gamblers was on that list. James{Meathead} Parks.
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    mike surber

    I saw a piece on fox a couple of nights ago that said" murderer of pool player caught", but never saw any more about it. Anybody know anything about this?
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    RA vs Lyle Gay

    I"d lkie to thank J immy B for sending me the tape of them in the 1998 one-pocket championship. What ever happened to Gay? He looked to be a pretty darn good player.
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    Distress sale

    I'm selling this Brand new never been played on 6x12 snooker table for 1500. Somebody needs to snap this off.
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    Artie. Check your pms.
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    to illustrate you are always learning pool; if you watch appleton-bustamante 10-ball match at this years dcc you'll learn how David Maddux got his screenname.:)
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    Ed Kelley

    What was the last tournament Kelley won?
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    Shots,Moves and Strategies, .Winning One Pocket. Mint condition. $300.