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    Tony / Shane

    Yeah, close call to make here, but I made two bets, taking Shane.
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    2022 Fall Regional Tournament - Memphis - November 4-6

    Will this be streaming?
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    WWYD - Canadian Ghost Version #6

    Uuh, except lol, in post #18 you said that your choice here would be to high-karate the 10 ball.
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    WWYD - Canadian Ghost Version #6

    No, Paul is not "in a pickle" with that 10ball sitting there. For $5 a game you can shoot any of those other shots, but in a serious game, the only shot to shoot here, as already stated by Bill, Dave, John, etc. is to high-karate the 10ball.
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    WWYD - Canadian Ghost Version #5

    Have to drill the 15ball 100 m.p.h. at the 8-11/stunning the cueball down to the foot rail, and hope for the best.
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    First Woman to make a 147 in Snooker!

    Fantastic - HUGE props to this young lady.
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    WWYD - Canadian Ghost Version #3

    To start off with you just touch the cueball and take a scratch - especially when you are playing an inexperienced guy who plays 3-4 balls under you, as is the case here.
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    Cowboy Dennis, Sappo, Beatle, Ghost, Fast Eddie

    Was only crickets here, so I got an answer through my 'intelligence sources'. Evidently the pilot played 3-4 of the Chris's billiard's regulars even-up, and the only one he lost to was the Ghost.
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    Cowboy Dennis, Sappo, Beatle, Ghost, Fast Eddie

    Do you guys play even? Who won?
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    🙏 🙏 🙏
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    At Hard Times: One pocket

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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    I haven't seen a link ?
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    This Place Is Dead....

    ^ I've known Derek for many years, he's a good guy and a solid player.
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    1p streamers, small gripe

    Nito, ^ agreed 1000%. And actually, it's hard to believe that it's necessary for you to have to bring this fail to their attention - they should realize it their selves and make the fix.
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    High Stakes One Pocket Tournament-$10,000 Added-5,000 Entry-September 15-18th Action Palace in Dayton, Ohio.

    John Morra showin' up 😶 but I think Roberto will be too much for him.
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    The Hague op.o MOT Tournament Thread

    Dave or Steve: Is the streaming table the tough table with the 4" pockets?