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    Chicagomike MOT report

    I was really looking forward to this tournament as homelife has been very busy raising our 3 grandchildren. My lovely wife was gracious enough to let me go which meant her handling the kids on her own for a few days…I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but it I did and it did not disappoint...
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    Do you really learn more by gambling in one pocket?

    I love hearing guys say “If you want to learn the game and improve you gotta gamble with better players”….or “You learn by playing a much better player in a tournament.” Are you kidding me??? All you’re going to learn is how to be broke or find your way to the door early. Honestly….what has any...
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    Headed to Kansas today

    Hey there...any local players wanna meet over at Shooters in Olathe for some action!!! Come on out! While my wife is visiting with friends I’m gonn be playing some pool. I’ll be there about 3pm. PM me if you would like.
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    One pocketeers near Sarasota FL?

    Any one pocketeers near Sarasota/Nokomis in Florida? Headed there tomorrow through Tuesday.
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    MOT Chicago refund money?

    Who else wants their money back? PM me your name and your email address unless you want me hold it until the next tournament. I don’t have everyone’s PayPal address or home addresses. Most have got it back. Please check the paid player list if unsure if you got your refund. Thank you and stay well.
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    Deleting a thread/post

    Who knows how to delete a thread I started? I double posted in the Member's cafe.
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    Any one pocket in Colorado?

    Heading out there Memorial Day weekend. Bummed I gotta miss Buffalo's event.
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    Signup for Member's Tournament Chicago

    Hi guys...Steve reached out to me and asked if I would handle collecting entry payment for the tournament. No problem!.... Happy to help. That being said I will start collecting the $100.00 entry from those who are interested in participating. The cap on entries for this event is 32 players. In...
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    Trapping styles

    It came up in discussion among friends that there is something referred to as a two tiered trap which involves thinking ahead and placing balls thoughout multiple innings to place balls. It got us thinking of trapping styles. How many are there, what’s most effective? What do you use? Let’s...
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    Foul or no foul?

    James Leone of Buffalo’s posted a short video on FB which I don’t know how to load to this thread. Danny S. is playing Evan L. and Danny shoots a ball with the CB hopping onto and remaining on top of a rail. Danny apparently said Evan had to play it from on top of the rail. Is the CB played...
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    Melee in Memphis Bank Tourney Interest

    Anyone interested in participating in a bank tournament prior to starting the one pocket tournament please make yourself known. If there is enough interest Bill Rousey may try to coordinate something. Speak now or forever hold your cue. I would be interested in attending. Anyone else?
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    My DCC Report

    First off I want to thank all for their support in choosing me to represent the site this was an absolute pleasure and highlight of my one pocket existence. Things started off with a tough draw in the banks as I lost 3-2 to Sky Woodward. I felt like I had a shot at him since I was the...
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    Whatsapp up and running...missing persons list

    Need the following to download the app so I can add you: JACKIE Crabbcat Newkirk JohnInNH Anyone else who wants to be included I will need your phone# and you will have to install Whatsapp on your mobile device.
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    Phoenix AZ trip

    Headed out to Phoenix in the next few weeks to visit friends. Hopefully I have some time to visit Freezer’s place. Anybody from our site play there?
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    Whats App for the Derby?

    Hey all...I have used a phone application in the past for other team events called What’s App. Simply install it on your phone and then we can create a communication group that’s easy to follow. It would be good for meeting up, informing others about matches, general banter, and horse play. Let...
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    Thank you...What an honor!

    Frank I’m sorry you won’t be able to attend. I was really looking forward to meeting you and following your play. Thanks to members of for allowing me the opportunity to represent our site and it’s members...what an awesome opportunity and honor. I’m anxiously awaiting seeing you...
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    Ghost vs. Henderson summary

    Let me start off by saying I had a wonderful time and was fortunate to have been able to hang out and watch the action. My work day ended about 3pm and so I was able to get to Chris's with plenty of time to watch. I'm thanking my wife(Missy) for the hall pass, Buddy and the staff at Chris's...
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    Birthday boy's Melee in Memphis

    I posted this in Mitch's congrats thread, but wanted to also put it on it's own. Let me tell you.... this is just a great bunch of guys and gals we have here at!!! How about the surprise birthday cake and singing that went along with it??? Couldn’t believe it and got all choked...
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    Memphis Airport pickup tomorrow?

    Hey there!!! The two Chicago guys are coming in tomorrow with our flight landing in Memphis at 4:05. Anyone available to pick us up? Figure someone might wanna jump up quickly so we can get to playing ASAP while we still have a couple bucks in our pockets. If not, no worries. We’ll figure it out:)
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    Who’s playin’ who in Memphis?

    We’re just about about a week out and I’m jonzin’ for action. Looks like I’ll be getting in Wednesday evening. Looks like I’ll have some pre-planned dance time with Hardmix, but I’m looking to fill my card...Newkirk? Pilot? 1 hole nut? Anyone else? ..what y’all doing next week? Anyone else...