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    Walking with Giants, Buddy

    I played Buddy Hall twice back in the day, once in Johnston city in 1970 and in Pasadena Texas early 1971. I conned him into a one hole match at 50 a game in Johnston city, fortunately for Buddy he won first break. He won the first game like 8-7, second game I shut him out. Same thing happened...
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    Johnston city mind games

    Most players, gamblers, fans etc. will never know the intense mind game you have to endure to compete in say The Johnston city al-around. That was the toughest thing to do! You’re playing the best players on the planet and you have to play them reasonably long sessions at all 3 major games...
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    Bucket list

    Booked myself an Elk hunt in Wyoming with Tyler Sims outfitter, top of the line! Great accommodations, treated me like a king, got me a bull elk to die for today!
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    1972 stardust Mataya

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    Cole Dickson my friend

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    Pool’s biggest upset

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    Keith Thompson 1970

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    Billiard News 1968

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    Biggest embarrassment

    Billiard news from 1970, I wasn’t gonna win any fashion shows in 1970!
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    Walking with Giants, Cole

    Met Cole at LeCue club in Houston in late 68 or early 69. Played him some 9 ball at ten a game. Very tough game for a sixteen year old, I was getting the call 8 and thought I was stealing bahaha. Made me step my game up to a level I hadn’t been at! What a great player Cole Dickson turned out to...
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    Walking with Giants, Hippy Jimmy

    Met Jimmy Reid in Johnston City 1970. Really was a nice guy and a dam good player of pocket billiards. Myself and Cole Dickson were rooming together and were entered in the 9 ball division, both of us low on funds and were looking to make walking money in the 9 ball tourney. Mean while we...
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    Walking with Giants, Mataya

    It was 1970, I was living at Popcorn’s place in Elmonte California and he told me he had busted Mataya a few years back playing even nine ball for 300 at 30 a game. Mataya was pretty young when Popcorn beat him, probably 19 or 20. Also Popcorn played pretty decent 9 ball back in the day and...
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    LeCue Club 1970

    LeCue Club and the greatest show was still in full swing in 70. World beaters still lined the bar and great tunes thrived 24/7 on the juke box. Poker players, gin players, stakehorses, gamblers from all over H-town would show up on Friday and Saturday nights hoping to see major pool action...
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    LeCue Club 1969

    The greatest show on turf was in full swing in 1969! Big train Stevens was in his prime along with Jersey Red and Handsome Danny Jones! Tall Jeff’s 9 ball game was approaching legendary status. This was the year of the world invitational 9 ball tourney, not 68 like I posted in earlier post, my...
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    LeCue Club 1968

    It was 1968 and my 2nd year at the Greatest show on Turf. I was now bringing my game to new levels. I no longer struggled with racks of 9 ball. All the major hustlers like Grady Mathews, Greg Stevens, etc. knew me and where my game was at. I turned 16 in May and by early fall that year my game...
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    LeCue Club 1967

    It was my first trip to LeCue club in downtown Houston in 1967. I was 14 years old and had no idea a place like that existed, 40 tables or so all being Gold Crowns. Also had a snooker table or 2 and three cushion billiards along with a bar table. LeCue would be my home the next four years...
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    Walking withGiants, Burton

    Eddie (The Hat) Burton, what a player this guy was and a good I believe! He was top tier at all games, played all games at world class, 9 ball, one hole, 14-1 etc. He wasn’t the best at any one game but then it didn’t take long to call row either! He was right about top ten at every game he...