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    Why can't we shoot balls in the kitchen?

    I think this is a good rule. I know there are rules that span across many games, this may be one, but if I had to guess, maybe the rule was created so people could not wedge the cb in between the head rail and a potentially shoot able ball after a scratch. That would be an awkward shot always...
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    The Percentages in the "Wrong Shot"

    Let's just say for the sake of argument and discussion you are faced with an offensive shot you will make 40% of the time, and you are going to have to hit it pretty dang hard to execute it. At the same time, you do have some defensive opportunities, but they are not really going to be game...
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    Expedite One Pocket Options

    Hello all. There have been a few threads on this, and if you are willing, read through them to see the points about each if you haven't already. The poll is ANONYMOUS, so you don't have to worry about anybody seeing what you voted. I just thought it would be good if we could all see what...
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    Full Tilt, Opening Break One Pocket

    Are there any good stories with this? What are the odds of making a ball in one of the corners on a good breaking table anyway. I know you have to pick your pocket first. That break where you hit the second ball in 8 ball sends many balls into the 2 corners I have noticed. Maybe this is a DOA...
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    Tadd vs Parica Short Rack Banks LA Open Matchup

    If you want to watch the full match, just click the link and then you will need to select "download" and tick megas terms of service. If you don't know anything about Mark Tadd, he won the 9-ball, banks, and got second in the one pocket at this "DCC style" event. I think it is one of the most...
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    People who make a living in One Pocket, and what they do

    I saw Island's thread and thought it would be nice for some folks (myself included) to see a list of people actually making a viable living around the game of one pocket. If you list a name, try and tell us all what exactly they do also. For example, Pat Flemming has obviously found a great...
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    9-Ball "Pattern Racking"

    I just finished watching the Shaw Orcollo finals at hard times. I'll just state my opinion on this and try to back it up after any responses. The gist is, once a tournament decides on a format, be it rack your own, 10-ball, 9-ball, the "order" (or lack thereof) that the balls are placed in the...
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    Purposefully prolonging a game of one pocket

    My meaning being have you purposefully taken shots in a game of one pocket that you felt were a lower win % for you, just to make the guy suffer for the rest of the set perhaps (or enter your reason). You'd only be doing this if you pretty much knew you had the game locked up. You could also...
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    How do you cinch this bank #1 (cross over cross-side)

    Of particular interest to me and others, speed and english -- include high or low ball for the cinch. I am especially interested in how you bank this shot if it was say a 9 ball playing 9 ball. Disregard the red text, that is just a very poor inside joke with Dennis.
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    Bank Lesson 3: bank speed, and how to use it to your advantage

    As always, these threads are NOT me giving the lesson (not qualified), but me kinda baiting those who can give lessons into answering :) First I'll say, I am at the point with my banking where I feel speed is the reason for many of my misses. Anyway... here are my discussion points: 1. I am...
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    Bank lesson 2: how do you get max ob spin on cut banks

    Ok, as I mentioned in the other thread, I set up an experiment a while back, and redid it a few days ago. I was thrilled to see J Brumback mention that he feels the same... anyway, here is what I did: First, my question was -- how can you put max spin on an ob on a cut bank. I'm no good with...
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    Bank Lessons 1: is more really more when it comes to spin?

    I wanted to do a couple of threads like this at least, hence the title. Not me giving the "lesson" of course.... i'm hoping for others to do that :) But, I do have my guesses.... The question: when using spin on the cb to shorten or widen the angle of the ob off a cushion, does more spin on the...
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    How much is running balls really worth?

    Perhaps contrary to popular belief, I feel the ability to run balls in one pocket is near the level of importance it is in a game like 9 ball. I may be wrong, we'll see what others think. But, if I am correct, how can this be??
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    Artie commentary: Frost vs Pagulayan

    Just thought some here may enjoy this as much as I did. Great job on the commentary to both Artie and Larry.
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    Corey vs Reyes I US Open 2011

    It is Corey's shot. Corey needs one, Efren needs 4. Any thoughts? I also would like to talk about another shot in this match, i'll post that later.