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    Happy Birthday Robert Newkirk!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Newkirk
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    Filler/ Chohan

    He loves free money.
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    Tony vs Alex

    It's over 36 - 29, Tony was giving Alex fits for the first part of the session. Alex's cueball seemed to be glued to the rail all 4 days, seemed like 9/8 was a pretty decent game. Overall I think I prefer the 3 day format alot more, 4 days was a grind just to watch!
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    Tony vs Alex

    Just download a screen recorder, I've recorded most of these to my PC. Screen Recorders
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    Tony vs Alex

    Day 2 ends 27 to 20 Alex, IMO we all have a few guys we just can't beat and that's why we see Tony looking down, although that is kind of his demeanor in general. Alex is the best One Pocket player on the planet, his interest in the game at hand is his only handicap. The rumors ( lol ) of his...
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    2021 One Pocket Top 10

    Alex Dennis Tony Francisco Svb Hall Compton Corey Robert's Frost
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    I think DFW is the most upgraded area in the country in the last 5 years, Fields Multiple monthly tourneys that draw 100+ w/long waiting lists and lots of action. I guess it's how you view it, of course with Jeremy Jones living here it's been a favorite for Mosconi events and a frequent...
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    Best American All-Around Championship: March 29-April 5th at Buffalos $7,000 added, plus Master of the Table Prize

    He also hasn't taken it seriously since losing to tony in Cali several years back, and playing Alex 2k a game. I believe when he decides to if ever again, he'd be at least top 3.
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    WWYD, there is no right or wrong answer. My break was turned around nicely, now it's my shot?

    I'm gonna Kick at the 1ball, slow to medium speed trying to strike it just above center ( hoping for the cue ball to die on the rail and hide behind the 1ball after it makes contact with the 14, thus kicking the 15 a bit more toward my hole. That would give him plenty to worry about with the 3...
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    Official OPOrg ratings

    What is this again?
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    Power ranking video

    Yeah I really like this Podcast, he seems very in tune with the players and the in's and out's of the gambling scene and tournament scene. The Frost interview was excellent and I also liked Alex's.
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    if you wanna play some tomorrow at Rustys I can come up, message me back here to confirm a time if you wanna play.
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    It's pretty dead during the week in the daytime, and with all the tournament's in dfw weeknights lately it's been drawing a lot of players away to Lewisville (Stix & Stones) or Frisco (Snookered), your best bet in the daytime is Sat/Sun. They Did just have a One Pocket event at the Royce...
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    Rusty's in Arlington is staying open at 50% capacity, not sure what changed as they were closed the entire time earlier in the year.