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  • Thanks, I am new and just did not know what to expect. It finally started working once the stream started, thanks and I am very happy with the first event. Tom
    Terry, I signed up for the Sparkle City tourney, paid my money, I registered, but everytime I try and get on the site it tells me I have the wrong email or password. I have gone thru all the help desk, no luck, no one has gotten back to me, do you have a phone number I can call. Thanks, Tom Harris, poolandpokerman@yahoo.com 407-963-1010
    terry, I'm trying to find out how to buy tickets/seats for the frost vs reyes match in july. can you help me with this. thanks in advance for any help you can give me. keith
    Hi Terry, still looking for Kristy Cook. I had my friend Scott Rabon call Nick Varner a few weeks ago and asked him if he knew Danny Cook to see if Danny could get a message to her for me, Nick didn't know Danny. Anyway, haven't given up yet, hope I'm not being a pest.
    Terry, were you able to get in touch with Kristy Cook? I would love to get the opportunity to talk with her if at all possible about the Schon cue I bought from her grandfather. If so let me know and I'll send you my e-mail address so you can forward it to her. My name is Gene by the way.
    Thanks, SC Hollywood
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