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  • hey friend was read you post. bob dancer was a friend of my dads [pat mcguire] that was his coney places pats coney island. peck was my dads partner and corn bread red was a friend of my dads afer my dad shoot some one they just change the name to pecks. bob died long time ago.10 12 years ago . he played good . but not in reds leauge. john
    Yes, stevelomako was my first friend. So far, he has proven to be my best friend, too. Don't beat him up, Ducky.
    Steve, can't you read...Clarebaby has more friends (23) than anybody..And don't get too friendly with her...Grrrr..:eek:
    Greetings Steve,

    Please share a few stories about Don Lafay. I knew him well, but not in a pool setting.

    I knew Red through a mutual aquaintance, Junior. Did you know Junior. He liked dice.

    It's very windy, Steve. How are things at the frozen tundra? (I posted this on my page, and you probably haven't seen it. One day we will figure out this whole thing.LOL)
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