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    Whoa, this is crazy. I'm more surprised to see Harlingen Tx on a one pocket flyer than I am to see SVB... My dad grew up there, I spent a lot of time down there when I was little. Used to shop in this mall that this pool hall is in now apparently. Just looked up pictures from google maps. What...
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    High Stakes One Pocket Tournament-$10,000 Added-5,000 Entry-September 15-18th Action Palace in Dayton, Ohio.

    Chohan Hall Gorst Compton Morra (in no order. well except for Tony) Then i'm torn between Roberts/Frost/Calderone/Lunda
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    Streamers will counterprogram each other this month

    This is why we can't have nice things.
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    2022 Bogies Seniors

    There a PayPal yet?
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    Calderon v. JHall

    Alexander = Alejandro in Spanish. That's my first name, too!
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    Calderon v. JHall

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    Calderon v. JHall

    If this is streamed I'll take Alex for a hundred.
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    Does Rafael Still Play?

    Been some time since I heard anything on Rafael. Anyone know about his whereabouts these days? Still playing?
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    Gorst v. Frost One pocket July 8-10, 2022 on

    My gut wants to give an edge to Scott just cause of his PhD in 1p knowledge and ability to grind, but in watching some of Gorst ringside at Buffalo's he didn't seem to fade in the long grinding games. In fact, the few i sat down to watch were so boring I had to go get a coffee and find another...
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    Josh Roberts Game

    I dunno, I don't really think Sky would give him much trouble.
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    2022 One Pocket Tournament Cash leaders

    I was thinking the same thing. For the longest time we only saw the battles for 2nd thru 5th-ish, and the Lion was really just untouchable. Would love to finally see a real match for Alex.
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    Bad move

    In snooker they use these ball markers for cleaning the ball. Put your finger on top of the ball and slide the marker under. Then you can just replace the ball back on the marker. I always that they'd be a good idea for refs to have in pool, too.
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    Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    You as well! Wish we got to chat more. Next time!