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    9 ball one pocket

    Head ball is the one. Or you can turn the rack sideways with a ghost ball or the center ball on the spot. However, back when the early crew was posting here, somebody said during a discussion of short rack to rack them like 6 ball with the 7th ball behind the middle ball in the third...
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    9 ball one pocket

    A good game is 7 ball 1p. Fast and furious.
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    A big happy Birthday

    We better bring our lunch. Rodney must know a million shots. H belated B, Rod!
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    The 6 foot tables were common back when I played the bars. It was rare to break and run out with all the congestion. There always were several balls with no pockets that you had to bump out or shoot a lane open for. You couldn't really work down the table in sections like on a bigger table. You...
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    After I left the pool halls for college, I played [frat] bar 8 ball almost exclusively, Doc. Artie and I agreed on how great 8 ball is. He had a million ways for matching up at it too, from one-handed to one -legged, off-handed, with a bridge only, games on the wire, etc. :eek: (Btw, didn't he...
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    May 26-30th 2021 Buffalo's Pro Classic-$13,500 Total Added.

    Great stream, commentary, and event. Worth every penny. Watching some of those guys struggle to get on and off the table was brutal. Probably a few stream sweaters committed to shedding the excess weight and getting a stretch stick after that (raises hand :)).
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    Hello Buffalo’s!

    It was common and acceptable back in Dallas during the 60s-70s, Doc. I remember seeing SJD and other top guys doing it. I sure did on occasion. I think the one foot on the floor rule broadly came into force with the Texas Express 9b rules. Getting on the table (and the old roll out rules)...
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    May 26-30th 2021 Buffalo's Pro Classic-$13,500 Total Added.

    Speak of the devil. I wondered where Sylver's been in the "Was this OK?" thread. Good luck to 'im.
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    Was this OK?

    This guy (upper right, inside the red circle) sweats the matches in lots of Accu-Stats videos covering years. Is he with the Accu-Stats crew? He's not one of you guys here, is he? He's seen a lot of good pool live, that's for sure. And that guy in the middle looks a lot like Sylver Ochoa if you...
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    Was this OK?

    Look at what Tony put on Busty in game two in a very similar situation to that in the case game (including almost scratching in the side). Busty had good reason for being scared when he came out of his chair during Tony's inning.
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    Was this OK?

    2018 DCC 1p semi. You can see the game score and ball count. Critical point in the match. Watch what Busty did during Tony's inning as it appeared Tony was about to pocket scratch.
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    "THE BEST ONE-POCKET I HAVE EVER SEEN" - Bill Incardona, The Voice of Accu-Stats.

    Just posted by Accu-Stats. I'd like to know who, if anyone, mentored Danny Smith in his youth. This is a phenomenal match with Efren.
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    Drum roll, please! :) HB, Doc. Best wishes for continued good health and many more to come!
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    Coronavirus and old geezers (like me and you)......

    Tobermory, I'll meet you over in the Coronavirus thread in the member's section to continue this. See you there.
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    Coronavirus and old geezers (like me and you)......

    Assist by not posting half-baked strategies for going to the pool hall that are highly-irresponsible in an open forum like this one. How many lurkers will get / have gotten infected by following that absurd strategy of yesterday, which you yourself did not follow? _______________________...