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  • Hey Tom. Where are those threads you mentioned to me? I can't remember the name(s) to be able to search for them. They were about situations and "what would you do?" kind of thing. Thanks. See you down at the hall.
    I'd like to get in touch with ???who created this website, I've got an idea for the HOF banquet and a way to help create $$$ for this function.

    Bill Meacham 719-634-7665, call evenings.

    I'd like to do a reading of Evelyns words about her life with Fats 6 weeks after he passed. It' from when they first met in Dowell till his death. Might be a 20-25 minute read.

    I have come out with a new one pocket clothing line. I was wondering if it would be ok to introduce the members to it in the main one pocket fourm.

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