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    The Shot After The Break

    Great observation! Both in the “too many games lost after the brake” and “watched to much what the champions does” I have a practice routine where i will brake from right side and reply the brak. Only those two shots. Then switch side and brake again and reply. I wil do this for at least 5...
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    2-4 september 2022 first members tournament in Europe

    wow. this will be awsome! hope to se some from outside europe! Ghost are you comming :-D hague5 is the coolest place, lots of banks,one pocket for cheap or more! and great city to see too. all for one, one pocket for all :-D
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    Pick your favorite 1P match

    i totaly agree on these videos. the efren vs grady was the first one pocket dvd i saw. and had to learn the game by watvhing this without comentator was quite tricky haha! i had to gues why they spot op balls and so on! i stil watch this dvd like once a year, great history right there!