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    I'm guessing you did Larry, so well done,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Table light?

    When I changed my Diamond light from florescent to LED with the diffuser it showed a horrible grid on the table, not satisfactory at all, and the lights were much brighter but the grid in the diffuser was very apparent on the table. I went to Lowes and found these Frosted ceiling light panels...
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    WWYD - Two top 1p movers battle it out

    Simple and easy, good shot
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    Bad move

    Corey should have just climbed up on the table and mase'd,,,,,,,,,,, no problems.
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    Accustats library sold to Mike Howerton, AZBilliards

    Sure would be nice if Mike could strike up a deal to get some of that content on Looks like the only thing they have is 8 ball and 10 ball from 2018. Better yet, maybe Mike can but as well.
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    My table has 4 3/8 pockets so no chance for me to try any shots on this.
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    WWYD right after the break

    Oh yea, I see that now, didn't think he had room around the 15.
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    WWYD right after the break

    Oh, so he must have went headrail, footrail between the 15 and 5, then the 5 kick from the foot rail side,,,,,, pretty safe way to play that and I didn't even consider it.
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    WWYD right after the break

    but without seeing the next shot, how do we know he didn't bank the 15?
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    WWYD right after the break

    While it does look like the 15 bank is there, I can't see getting anywhere near the 5 with the CB. Best I see with the CB on that bank is maybe go all the way up table and all the way back, but if you miss the 15 there may be a bank there. I wouldn't shoot that.
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    WWYD right after the break

    Why not kick short rail right under the 15, leave CB right there, while slow rolling the 15 over on or about the 5, hopefully making a mess of any possible combo over there from uptable and blocking the 1 ball lane. Looks to be plenty of room.
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    Bluegrass Billiards WWYD 12

    is that even possible, and keeping the cue ball at the long rail? Don't even look right to me, too thin a cut to kill the cue ball even if you could draw it back that far, again because the cut is so thin.
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    WWYD shot after the break

    I'm coming off the top of that 6 ball for sure, anything over there under or on the 2 ball is a pretty safe shot from here. It won't win the game but it won't lose it either.
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    Saw my name mentioned in the tournament thread.

    I've seen Brian play,,,,,,,, I wouldn't take 12-2 and the breaks from him.
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    WWYD End Game

    I'd roll up on the 6-9 just because when that 1 ball gets spotted up I want to be the 1st one shooting it,,,,,,,,, no other reason than that.