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    Scott Frost v.s. Alex Pagulayan U.S. Open

    TAR has posted a video of Frost vs Pagulayan U.S. Open One Pocket over at AZB. It's a video CaliRed taped and is commentated by Larry Schwartz and newcomer at the mike, Artie Bodendorfer. It's a nice match but not mistake free, and Artie and Larry do a fine job of commentating IMHO...
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    Any Red SHoe Results?

    Ghost? Freddy? inquiring minds want to know. What happened? How many players?
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    Artie's in the house!!!!!

    I just noticed a picture on AZB that was taken at the Derby. Artie with Scott Frost and Larry Schwartz. I can't wait to hear about Artie's matchups this year. I only wish someone could stream some of it.
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    Tom Shields passes

    I just got word today that my dear friend Tom Shields has passed away. Having known him for nearly 30yrs I can say it was a pleasure to be his friend. Tom loved to laugh and joke around and had an infectious laugh. I will truly miss him as I'm sure many will. R.I.P. Tom
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    Scott Frost vs. John Schmidt Derby City 2009

    Here is a video of the one pocket finals of the Derby City Classic. This was done by dirtybobjr from AZB it was his first attempt at bringing videos to youtube so don't be too critical of the quality. I think he did fine. I've only given the link to the first video but I think once you open it...
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    Chicago Mike

    I just got news from a reliable source that Chicago Mike is in the final 15 of the Banks Tourney at the DCC. Way to go Mike! Take that crown home to Chicago.
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    Artie's Interview

    I just got done reading the interview with Artie and I'm sorry he moved to Vegas because I sure would have loved to see him play. Check out the interview on front page, I think you'll have a newfound respect for Artie and what he's been saying in these forums. Once again he gives...
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    Jeff Kaletta passes

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Kaletta has passed away. I just received an email and was shocked to hear it. Jeff played pool in Chicago mostly at the Chicago Billiard Cafe and Chris's. I must have played thousands of games of 9ball with...