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    2022 Bogies Seniors

    Thank you, I thought I tended to that post, but trying to do it from my phone apparently I accidentally deleted the wrong post! That one has now been restored, and the one I meant to delete is gone. Thanks again!
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    Banks ring games in your poolroom?

    Dennis asked that his Banks Ring Game rules be deleted, so those posts have been deleted from this thread.
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    I spoke with Dustin Miller, who is handling the sign ups. With the Delta Covid surge, we consider that the kind of "emergency" so if anyone wishes to drop out and have their entry refunded, just let Dustin know or post here. No worries. Taking care of our own helath and those we love comes first...
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    Verified Member

    Being a Verified Member on the forums simply means that you are a real person and you are who you say you are. How do I become a Verified Member? You can become a verified member a couple of different ways. First, if any of the current verified members on the site can vouch for you because...
  5. onepocket Mini in Nola

    Just got word it will be a Lacy’s staff opening for us tomorrow morning, and they will open the bar as well.
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    Matching-up choice

    Please make more effort to avoid personal attacks and incitement. Matching up is a good topic. Personal attacks are not. You know who you are -- please stay on topic and do not get involved in individual arguments.
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    Wannabe Wade Crane (Billy Johnson)

    Wait a minute -- you mean Wade Crane was also "Flyboy" -- and not just Jimmy Spears???
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    Memories of Leon Yonders

    I moved this post from "Links and Reviews" because it doesn't really fit there, and it could use more views. Any of our members remember Leon Yonders?
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    What's a room to do? How a pool-hall will survive a pandemic! Video w/ Jerry Matchin

    I deleted a few posts that got into politics. This was a very cool interview to watch/listen to -- thank you very much both Jerry and Daniel!! You are both a blessing to pool!
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    Covid-19 and

    An open letter to all One Pocket players, members and interested parties Obviously, Covid-19 is wreaking havoc in the pool world, just as it is in every other walk of life. In many areas bars and poolrooms have had to temporarily close their doors – and no one knows how long temporary is going...
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    One Pocket HOF voting discussion -- post comments here, not in the voting thread

    We still have that, but still, a deceased player needs to get to a significant threshold of votes (somewhere close to 30% of the vote is the lowest we have ever gone) even for the deceased players. My feeling is that if a player is not getting to that level then there just isn't enough to go by...
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    Signup for Member's Tournament Chicago

    Am I missing something? I don't see One Pocket Ghost or Mitch in this list.
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    One Pocket HOF voting discussion -- post comments here, not in the voting thread

    Please keep your comments about HOF candidates and voting here in this thread, not the voting thread itself. Any comments in the voting thread will be moved here.
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    2020 One Pocket Hall of Fame Ballot

    It is time to vote in this year’s elections for the One Pocket Hall of Fame! Our HOF dinner will be held for the first time at Buffalo's Billiards in New Orleans Wednesday night, May 20. To learn more about all of our inductees over the prior years, please visit the One Pocket Hall of Fame here...
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    Official 2020 One Pocket Hall of Fame Nominations

    It is time for our nominations for the 15th annual One Pocket Hall of Fame ballot. Over the last 15 years we have elected many players into the One Pocket Hall of Fame, both for One Pocket and Bank Pool and for our Lifetime Pool in Action award. Yet there are many other Banks & One Pocket...