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  • Hi Ghostie, in a recent post you mentioned health problems. Just writing to say I hope whatever is going on with you is getting better. I miss your input on shot selection and one pocket in general. Give my best to Riva. Keith
    Hi Bruce,

    My therapy consisted of using a rubber band (green), attaching it to a doorknob and doing up to 20 repetitions with each hand (2 each left, 2 each right).

    The rubber bands can be found online or at any athletic store.

    Good luck,

    Get yourself a heating pad and use it every day, put it on your shoulder for 20 minutes several times a day I have a similar problem and it helped me immensely. Don't give up on it do it for a couple of weeks and you'll see a huge difference
    Hahaha...if the day ever comes when I'm mad at my money - then I'll ask you for shot-choice advice...have a nice day :) and don't forget to take your meds...:heh
    If you sent me a pm I didn't get it it didn't come through, if you wanted to ask my advice on shots you know nothing about you can also call me 702-286-4386. Have a nice day.
    Whats your email? i wanted to send you a picture and i can't find your email. this will spoil the effect but i wanted to send it anyway. keith/sappo
    Hey Buddy, just wanted to let you know I miss not having you around on the site. I hope all is well with you and wish you a frightening halloween! Keith
    Bruce....I am going to be in New Orleans...Sept,21-25....I will pay your entry to the tournament....Let me
    Hello old friend! been a long time. hope you're still doing well. I've been getting back into the old one-hole lately and thinking about giving you a call. still have the same number? also, I posted about a 1p league I'm starting. love to hear your thoughts. take care, Griffin.
    Hey Ghosty, just writing to say I hope all is well with you. You are in my thoughts. Keith
    Haven't heard from you in a while, hope things are alright with you. Maybe i'll be coming to Chicago in a few weeks, if so i'll let you know. Take care and good luck.
    I thought i'd let you know. I recognized Sean he was the white guy. He used to run with Danny Medina when i live in Colorado. He was the stake horse. I played the black guy he was Mike Deweese or something like that in Metropolis today. He wanted to play for 50 a game but we settled on 30. I beat him three straight and he quit... Wanted to play bank or 9 ball and i said i don't play those He matched up with Buddy after i left with Buddy giving him 9-7 full rack banks and quit him even. He was going to play banks in Paducah tonight with Dickie Todd who owns the room there. Even though i'm not a great player by any means it felt good to play good and sneak out a win against a unknown....:heh..
    Hey ghost. You have a line on a black guy from Decatour, il. Sean Morris..?Susposed to bank good. There trying to set me up a one pocket game with him and looking for a line on him. Thanks. John
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