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    8th Annual Seniors One Pocket Tournament Bogies Billiards Houston, Tx.

    ^ This ^....and they weren't "pretty lucky", they were real lucky. PS, And with the two slowest players involved in both of todays matches, could be a long day. PPS, What would the over/under time length be for a Nick vs. Jerry final, :oops:, lol
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    Nice pic on Facebook of some of the guys hanging out together at Chris's Billiard's Chicago >
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    BANK POOL TOURNAMENT @ Red Shoes Billiards 8/26/2023

    ^ What he said - who came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd?
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    Wwyd From BG5

    Right, as I bolded in your post, and as Top job also recognized. With this simple, easily executed, and effective shot available, this is not at all a tough spot to be in.
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    A golden oldie: Efren vs. Nevel waay back @ the 2004 DCC

    Game 1 of this match is a good one...for fans of "shooting at your hole" just check out Efren's shot choice 😲 with him still on a run and the score now at 6 to 6....and after that, check out Larry's second inning shot in game 2, showing you that T-Rex wasn't the first guy to make highlight reel...
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    A golden oldie: Efren vs. Nevel waay back @ the 2004 DCC

    ^ I saw/was there for that match. I went to the first 15 DCC tournaments <<< some of the highlights from those great DCC years were: Efren playing/$$$ Cliff every year, the epic Cooney/Walden throwdown, and Rachael Abbink's cleavage 🧐 👀 🙂 (y)
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    Tony /Fedor 2

    I agree with you/what I bolded above.
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    BNRs - DCC?

    Donut know yet. 👀
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    Your two favorite players to watch play

    Who are your two favorite players to watch play? My favorite two are: Tony Chohan (no surprise there) and Justin Hall...reasons being: They both have explosive fire power, along with superior moving, banking and kicking...also, they both play fast, and have a laid back/no drama demeanor that's...
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    Chris's billiards one pocket tournament

    The stream is on.
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    Chris's billiards one pocket tournament

    Yeah, my buddy told me that Chris's recently had a paint job, all new carpeting throughout, and all of the tables re-covered.
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    Chris's billiards one pocket tournament

    My friend there told me: $125 entry, 37 players, the Ghost and Chicago Mike didn't enter the tournament, Ghost was there as a railbird/side better last night.
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    Chris's billiards one pocket tournament

    Started today, continuing tomorrow. Here's the bracket link and the streaming link: Ike and Chris Gentile both knocked out earlier than expected...
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    Vitaliy Patsura and the Ghost

    Was talking to a Chicago buddy of mine this afternoon and he told me....could be we'll have the next Fedor Gorst type one pocket player before too long. Ukrainian champion pool player Vitaliy Patsura (who crushed Pinegar/Henessee for $30,000 a few weeks ago) is living in Chicago. And for the...