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    Whitey's modern ring bank game rule!

    It's good thing the 'Title' says it all. 'Whitey's' Bank Pool rules!
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    Jayson Shaw's 714 becomes 669?

    Here's the AZB thread.
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    Mr. 626 is playing some 1 pocket ghost right now

    He's trying to break a 'World Record' Not entertainment for fans! That possibly once again BCA will recognize along with Guinness Book of World Records would consider too. When GBWR are involved in someone's attempt at a world record, they have Very strict rules. IMPO, this is a 'Sham!'
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    Efren playing 3C in SEA games.

    Do U have a link to the interview? If he indeed did that, He's been playing the wrong game his entire life!
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    Efren playing 3C in SEA games.

    Efren playing Vietnamese Champion.
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    Beat by list

    Which word? 'Period' or the player's name?
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    Beat by list

    Rodolfo Covarrubias, period.
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    Mr. 626 is playing some 1 pocket ghost right now

    I think Mosconi is relaxing somewhere and laughing at All these, 'Scheduled' attempts at World breaking straight pool hi-runs!
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    Best city for running a profitable pool hall ?

    When Doc Hurbert & 3 partners bought Chris's in Chicago, NO liquor/beer & wine, NO machines, minimum food, only 56 tables. For the first 6-8 years it grossed over $1,000,000.00 per year!
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    Happy Birthday to the Ghost

    Happy B'day Bruce!
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    Frank, the 'side boards' were off the table at that time.
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    The shot I proposed is somewhat, 'Tongue & Cheek' but, it's True someone had this position of the balls on the table, but it was his opponents pocket the CB and OB were stuck in. It was game between Freddy the Beard and Tommy the Sailor in Bensingers. Tommy just refused to scratch and make...
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    You go up under the table, put the shaft thru one of the pocket holes and shoot away from the OB. BTW, I'm 100% serious!
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    How do you ...

    Back in the mid 90's We went to a, 'Yard sale'. Myself I'm not much for them, but, I went anyway. Looking around, I spot a bunch of old framed artwork off to the side. It was a simple piece of like a Childs crayon drawing of hands holding a bunch of flowers. The ugly frame was obscuring the...
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    To the Chicago Members: Ike Runnels v. Richie Richeson 2022: Who you like?

    Can Only Chicago members bet? And, R they playing at Buffalo's?