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    pop up ads

    sorry but I missed the link fast lenny put up about blocking annoying pop ups. any one has it I would appreciate a shout out.thanks:cool:
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    one pocket ppv in vegas

    is any one else having problems getting broadcast aired. I sent in my payment by paypal over 45 min ago and can not get access. all I get is my content screen with out content. is program now being aired or am I too late for tonight. I paid for fri and sat$20
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    2013 southern classic nine ball rules

    I was not present for the players meeting. My information is second hand. I do not wish to offend any player. BUT............ several times during the two sets played Dennis Orcullo was hooked dead behind a ball. Dennis UNSCREWED his normal playing shaft and PUT ON HIS SPECIAL JUMP SHFT...
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    gabe owen

    I have been traveling for the last several weeks and am not up on the gabe owen problem/problems? will someone please let me know about gabe. I always thought he was one of pool's good guys