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    I'm Ready

    I will be in Venice in April or May to visit my parents at their winter house. Maybe we can hook up!
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    I'm Ready

    Get to Chicago and play Dan and I will meet you there!
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    My birthday

    You could always fly up here and visit me!! OR we could meet at Colonel Bille's again!!!
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    Happy Birthday Matt! (mhilton777)

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!! I look forward to seeing all of you again!!
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    A cash handicapped proposal for Pro-Am Classic

    I would love to see something like this happen!
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    Spring Members Tournament

    I am in for a spring tourney for sure! As Crabb had mentioned, the player auction at The Rec has always gone high because the locals love to bet it up!!!
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    Annual Members Only Tournament ??

    I agree with Whitey. It should be held at Chris's.
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    Oct 7-11th Aramith/Simonis Pro Classic 10-Ball & One Pocket

    Demi plays all games well!!
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    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    It will be great to meet you Doc and chat about music and pool. Bille and I have had PLENTY of beverages together and I would not expect anything less from him!!
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    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    Lizz and I have been working from home and managing the kids here since March. We are heading down to visit Colonel Bille leaving Minnesota on October 9th and heading back the 17th and driving just the 2 of us. We are stopping at Miller's on the way down in the St Louis area as he is half way...
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    Mary Kenniston inducted in to billiards hall of fame

    Mary definitely deserves this! I had dinner with her and Col. Bille a couple of years ago and played a few hours with her at Bille's house. Amazing woman!!
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    One pocketeers near Sarasota FL?

    Jeff and Danielle Sergent are down in that area right now!
  13. mhilton777 members I've met, played, and gambled with - 2020 update

    I look forward to getting back into town and hanging out and playing some again with all of my Chicago pool buddies!!!
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    OP / let the cb fly!

    I used to play a lot of straight pool with John Lavin and he used it all the time and I learned to incorporate into my game. I was amazed the first couple time he used it on me.
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    Isolation Pool Tournaments

    Doc, there are several different tournaments scheduled for different ratings, table sizes, games, etc. The info can be found in this group.