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    The state of One Pocket these days

    "In my view, sports betting is the key to making one pocket and pool in general go. " I agree, and think it is especially true of one-pocket. The percentage of shots that don't result in a ball being pocketed bores people who don't know enough about it to appreciate its complexity. But, I think...
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    Dumb Question #1

    I only commented on the end game with two balls on the table and each player needing one. Spotting two or three balls in the end game, "That just does not make any sense."
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    2022 Top 10

    That's what I did. You'd be shocked to hear how many people I can get to play me.
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    Dumb Question #1

    I'd say the lesser-skilled player has a disadvantage with two balls on the table over one. The more complicated the game gets, the more advantage to the better player. With two balls, the lesser player will sell out more often than when there is only one, IMO.
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    2022 Bogies Seniors

    You didn't stream free for 5 years -- Ray started the year Incardona and Matchin played the final (3rd year?) -- and you're the only person I ever saw confused about it not being a 1P org tournament.
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    WWYD - Difficult position after the break

    I got onto this shot when I noticed that banking the 9 cleared the path I needed for a 3-rail kick, and increased the possibility of congestion along the bottom rail.
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    Josh Roberts Game

    It would depend upon how much storm in Sky.
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    2022 One Pocket Tournament Cash leaders

    OK, I'll take Chip, but the only amount I will bet is $20 Million (and I'll need to see your financial statement.) :D
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    Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    Good job, Crabman. Thanks, I can't hear sh*t! because my hearing is sh*t! and Ray won't stay close to the booth so his system will grab the sh*t!
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    I played John in a rated bar box 9ball tournament in Tulsa in 1996... I was rated 7, he was an 8. Uh, he won, but I got second and he -- he was tournament director also -- raised me to an 8. #$%&* :D
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    Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    Good, thanks Joe, but I've decided not to come. Thanks anyway.
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    Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    You bought? When did buying start? Is this one of those "You shoulda been on Facebook" deals?
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    Beat by list

    You coulda busted me bettin' on whether you could spell it. ;)
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    Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    Thanks, Joe. I wasn't thinking about the effect of combinations. 4 places is about 25% of the entries. Perfect (y)(y)
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    Darren Appleton's explanation of fines and temporary ban

    Was it that he "says he would never physically hurt someone while blaming their procedures for making him angry" that "Sounds like the guy who beats his wife"? I don't know the guy, and I think he deserved some sanction, but I thought even the original punishment was a little much. Matchroom...