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    Pro vs. Amateur Long Backstroke on Final Delivery

    I agree, but why? Why do pros tend to have back strokes that are more controlled? IMHO, it is because professional level pool requires a forward stroke that starts from zero and accelerates smoothly. For me, a smoothly accelerating forward stroke is easier to execute if it starts as part of...
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    Efren's knowledge

    Even in 2013 Danny D was no spring chicken. He may have forgotten that Efren went to one pocket school in Chicago. I think Billy Incardona played him some early on, but I am not 100% on that. I feel like I remember hearing Billy and Freddy talking on an accu-stats tape or two telling stories...
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    Need some 1P help

    Gulf gave you the text book answer. I have no problem with his response. I would just add that, for me, I am finding the corner ball leakage to be less of an issue with a good stroke of inside english. I am not sure if I am expressing this well enough, but I would suggest trying to stroke...
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    Pick your favorite 1P match

    That is the match.
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    Pick your favorite 1P match

    Danny Smith v. Efren Accu-Stats Channel My all time favorite match is not on youtube. It is Efren vs. Alex from the DCC. I am not sure what year, but Efren is wearing an orange shirt and Alex is wearing a white one. It is an unbelievable match.
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    who were/are your one pocket heroes?

    Many of you know lfigueroa on this board. I started playing against Lou when I was 14. I am 42 now. To the extent I ever do anything good playing one pocket (or even pool generally), a lot of credit has to go to Lou's willingness to share some of his knowledge with me. Lou has always...
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    Derby 2022

    I will be there. Get there Saturday, leave Thursday Morning. Playing in the one pocket.
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    Do you really learn more by gambling in one pocket?

    Mike and Mitch, Thank you for the kind words. So often when people talk about improving in one pocket, they talk about "learning the game". Sure, if someone is a novice, they need to learn the game. However, in my opinion while Mike may not be an ancient-all-knowing-one-pocket-wizard, he...
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    Happy Birthday To Dustin Miller

    Happy Birthday man.
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    Do you really learn more by gambling in one pocket?

    Mike, If you wanted to say that people over value the benefits of gambling with better players, I might be able to get on board with that, but I think gambling with players that are better (but not too much better and for reasonable stakes) does have value for several reasons. It might be a...
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    Day 4 | Fedor Gorst vs James Aranas - ( Last Rack ) One Pocket Race to 10 Roy's Basement - YouTube
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    I like Gorst in this Match. Gorst can play better 1 pocket than people realize. He was competitive (and I think he may have defeated James Aranas) in a large challenge match that included 1 pocket. People don't view Aranas as a one pocket player, but he knows enough to be dangerous. I think...
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    Gambling question

    For the most part, I use gambling as a tool to improve my pool game. I am not trying to get rich or run a business. As a result, I have found I am not very motivated to match up with players at my speed or lower. I prefer to match-up with better players. When I match up with better players...
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    Am I bad action?

    Every time I ever got ahead of the guy he pulls up. The occasions that I actually won are so old I hesitate to include them in recent results. However, other players have noticed this as well. The guy won't stand and fight, so playing him by the game means you can win $20 or lose whatever. I...