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    Jumping in one pocket

    I thought about this, its ok to use what every cue or shaft you want during play but as soon as you switch to this cue or that cue to specifically jump--It's not ok, afaik. Only in tournaments where jump cues are not allowed and maybe not in 1pocket. The logic makes sense to a degree, your...
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    When are you a pro ?

    It's tough on a bar table because it really can equalize skill discrepancies, especially with alt break. APA is filled with sandbaggers so that makes it worse. I know a guy that made 30k in a year sandbagging so it's kinda worth it for certain characters. I have beaten apa 5's 10/12 games in a...
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    Jumping in one pocket

    In gambling matches you can simply ask before you start if it's ok to utilize a jump cue. I've used one before but the guy knew I sucked at the time so he also knew that me jumping at things would favor him and it did. Now I play with 12.2mm LD carbon shaft--it's pretty difficult to fully jump a...
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    Pro vs. Amateur Long Backstroke on Final Delivery

    good luck trying to train your muscles to do this after 30 years of not doing it. I've took a slightly different approach and tried to just take a smoother back stroke with consciously making it slower but not a real pause. The OB blutooth trainer can help with this as it tracks that pause...
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    Spin Junkies - Shot 5: 1/2 Masse Jump inspired by professional Roland Garcia

    The things you learn from playing guys that are 10x better than you. IF only I could remember them all! What do you guys think? It's funny in other games I will shot 1/2 masse when ever needed but it's rare in one pocket that you take that chance.
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    CHICAGO FATS with The Spin Junkies - Shots 3 & 4

    you get used to those balls pretty quick but if you play rotation the 4 ball will mess you up!
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    CHICAGO FATS with The Spin Junkies - Shots 3 & 4

    Shot 4 was inspired from playing with Chicago Fats. He was one of the first guys to start playing these big power strokes on me effectively. Shot 5 is supposed to be ready tomorrow, a shot I learned from Roland Garcia.
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    Sklyer Woodward vs Can Salim -- 2022 DCC

    Think Can is bit more of a rotation player. He didnt miss much but scratched and a bit too aggressive maybe. Skyler, needs one ball, has ball in hand behind kitchen, Can is -2 and Sky doesnt shoot a medium hard shot. That kind of blew my mind. Almost all balls out of play too.
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    ONE POCKET TOURNAMENT @ Red Shoes Billiards May 28th, 2022

    Think Me and Don will be there.
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    what's the best pocket size/dimensions for 1p?

    From what I'm hearing, the 7ft smart diamond revitalized pool. I know many league players that only play on them and go to events that are 7' based. It's not a bad thing, we can still get some of those players over to One Pocket. Any game or format that gets more players to engage is going to be...
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    what's the best pocket size/dimensions for 1p?

    I would say 4 1/4" is probably the smallest on a diamond that you would need to go--Anything smaller may hinder hard strokes too much. If the table and balls are dirty it will even appear to play tighter. Playing rotation on 4 1/4" pockets is not very enjoyable. I have lost so many games because...
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    The Spin Junkies - New Youtube channel - Focused on One pocket.

    Hey Thanks guys for subbing. Cincy kid, yes we do have a few signature shots with the Ghost planned. Beatle, as far as the ancillary clips. Keep in mind that the videos are rather short and aim to also add something entertaining for a wide variety of viewers--Hopefully even beyond just pool...
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    The Spin Junkies - New Youtube channel - Focused on One pocket.

    We aim to bring a high level of production quality to the platform with clear illustrations and multiple camera slomotion shots. Only released two videos so far but would love some feedback and subscribers. Shot 2 - One Pocket - 2 Ball Spot Stats Shot 1 - One Pocket - Dig This 1