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    Happy Birthday Col Bille!

    Happy Birthday! Missed you @ the Rec
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    Happy Birthday, crabbcatjohn

    Happy Birthday Crabbs!
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    Birthday--MILLER--Milestone 50!!!

    Happy Fiddy piece nugget!
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    Place to play in Detroit

    Place(s) to play close to downtown Detroit?
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    Happy Birthday Jason! (1 Hole Nut)

    Happy Birthday
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    Chohan vs Gorst Banks - 2022 DCC

    i was on the rails watching this match
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    Happy Birthday
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    Players to watch 2022

    3. Poteet: has retired from pool. anyone knows why?
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    Revisiting a OP.ORG Project

    Enjoyed and will use....thx
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    Simultaneous pocketing

    Thx for the info... it was 9-6
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    Simultaneous pocketing

    If you happen to pocket a ball in your hole as well as pocket a ball in your opponents hole ( and your opponent only needs one ball), is the game over? Or until you miss?
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    both are nice archival videos
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    Spot Shots!

    Best video on spot shots!