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    Unfortunately I am unable to make it to the Derby. I just got a new job with Disney and they wont let me go. I am contractually obligated to them. I still want to take that lesson with you. So Ill have to take a raincheck. Im sorry.
    I will go to your site and buy your DVD.
    Hope you do well.
    I guess you know Jamie added a hundred to the banks at Airway.Tex wanted me to try to get you up here.I guess he's wantin' punished.Don't know if I'll even play?That $ is bringing all the top guns around here out.I been in the money lately but I might just root you on.Maybe you can spring for a beer.Ha Ha

    Was great to talk with you at DCC. I have watched the video several times already and I think it's the best buy I have ever made for $50. I look forward to purchasing your next video when it's available.
    I will be contacting you about a personal class with you soon.

    Thanks again for being such an inspiration to so many, who aspire to play the game of bank like you do.

    Your friend,

    Warren Carter
    That is exiting....the dynamic duo. What a legacy...and to do it together. Even the two of you doing the interviews....together. WOW!
    This could be something! Luck at the Derby...wife and I headed to Boise to see her gotta ove em while you got em!
    (Plus, Shannon knows a lot about that 2 rail bank we talked about.)
    John....Did you think your were going to be able to join us for the Bank Pool Tournament on December 10th??
    I am going to fish Lake Bourgne next weekend for specks and redfish... got a spot in the boat for you if interested...
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