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    2022 Top 10

    IMO, This is a spot on assessment of who will be at the top of the food chain in one pocket in a few years. Seasoning and maturity are two requirements these two are short on also, but that will happen in time…. Although it’s very difficult to predict the future of any player in one pocket...
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    Cochran's and Palace Billiards

    I played Jesse “ The go away kid” in a long narrow pool room in Oakland sometime in 66’ I was not a seasoned player then, so I was no match for him… As I recall, it was a 100% black joint and my friend/partner and I were the only two salt shakers in the room… I lost of course, and we went...
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    Calderon v. JHall

    Thanks Larry hope you are in good spirits and good health. :)
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    Calderon v. JHall

    While I was still going to the poolroom I watched him play at Big Time and Bogies in Houston. Several matches/games over the course of probably two years…. He played just good enough to get the money, every single time…I never saw him lose! Somebody asked me, how good does this guy really...
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    Simultaneous pocketing

    It’s over…
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    Jim the pilot

    The pilot is playing on the stream table in the U S Open
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    Ghost Stood by Us, but did we stand by him?

    The binding glue for me personally, the single thing that kept me tuning in regularly, the most interesting aspect by a country mile, the mystery novel that I couldn’t wait to read the last page of, the absolute most important ingredient for me to stick around, was, the magically hypnotic...
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    Our Own Tom Wirth Interviewed on Podcast

    Kudos to a true lover of the game of one pocket! It’s so evident in his expressions and his demeanor as he talks about his lifetime of playing pool that he feels like he has led a life well spent and has no regrets! That’s vary rare, for I know of few people who wouldn’t like a do over or two...
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    Thank y’all.... Thats Texas for thank you all... Had a good day at the card room, made 4 Jacks in a 5 way Omaha pot for a $1470.00 profit... Called it a day and came home to a birthday party with ice cream cake, my bride of 51 years lit the candles, and the grandkids helped me blow em out...
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    So how can do more to support One Pocket?

    Advertise the game of one pocket as the game it truly is.... the greatest game that’s ever been played on a pool table... offer up as “THE” learning base in this advertisement and prove it by having instructors/mentors available for questioning at certain hours of everyday...
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    Happy Birthday Larry (lll)

    I called ya, but missed ya... Happy Birthday Larry. Many more to come... 👍❤️😁
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    Happy Birthday Ghost!!!! I mean Ghroast!!

    What’s up oh great one? You are sorely missed here... I’m hoping you are healthy and happy... Have you been playing any pool lately? I certainly hope you have! I speak out selfishly when I ask you to return soon, for without your presence it’s just not as exciting for me... You provided...
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    How is 1P played where you play/watch: Whole ball or base of ball?

    I’ve always wondered why there is no kitchen line? Seems regardless which rule is adopted by, having a headstring line should be mandatory on all tables... leaves little doubt as to where the legal limit is with either the object ball, or the cue ball... I’m old school, but I...
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    How is 1P played where you play/watch: Keep shooting or re-rack on a ball made on the break?

    I believe rigging a rack for the purpose of making a ball on the break is far fetched at best, possible advantages might be realized playing on the same equipment day in and day out, but still nearly impossible. However, I know that rigging the rack regarding the “pop out” “sell out” corner...
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    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    They are still undecided Robert, but it’s definitely going to happen... as soon as they figure out the dates where the tournament will work, ( no conflicts ) John Rizzo will let me know and I will post them, along with registration information, phone numbers, etc etc...