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    So how can do more to support One Pocket?

    Advertise the game of one pocket as the game it truly is.... the greatest game that’s ever been played on a pool table... offer up as “THE” learning base in this advertisement and prove it by having instructors/mentors available for questioning at certain hours of everyday...
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    WWYD -- #851104

    Id just kick one rail to the middle of the foot rail... From there he might make an error trying to kick me back into the same spot...
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    Kybanks vs NV #2. WWYD

    It’s the classic Jersey Red shot... Thin the 3 with extreme inside english and kick the 3 in getting shape on the 11...
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    Happy Birthday Larry (lll)

    I called ya, but missed ya... Happy Birthday Larry. Many more to come... 👍❤️😁
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    Happy Birthday Ghost!!!! I mean Ghroast!!

    What’s up oh great one? You are sorely missed here... I’m hoping you are healthy and happy... Have you been playing any pool lately? I certainly hope you have! I speak out selfishly when I ask you to return soon, for without your presence it’s just not as exciting for me... You provided...
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    How is 1P played where you play/watch: Whole ball or base of ball?

    I’ve always wondered why there is no kitchen line? Seems regardless which rule is adopted by, having a headstring line should be mandatory on all tables... leaves little doubt as to where the legal limit is with either the object ball, or the cue ball... I’m old school, but I...
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    How is 1P played where you play/watch: Keep shooting or re-rack on a ball made on the break?

    I believe rigging a rack for the purpose of making a ball on the break is far fetched at best, possible advantages might be realized playing on the same equipment day in and day out, but still nearly impossible. However, I know that rigging the rack regarding the “pop out” “sell out” corner...
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    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    They are still undecided Robert, but it’s definitely going to happen... as soon as they figure out the dates where the tournament will work, ( no conflicts ) John Rizzo will let me know and I will post them, along with registration information, phone numbers, etc etc...
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    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    Thank you for the continued support Steve...When I came up with this idea a few years back, it was welcomed by then owner David Richardson and the manager John Rizzo. What followed was an amazing gathering of players in their 70’s because we had the minimum age set for 70 at the 1st tournament...
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    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    You better be! You’re retired now... 👍😁
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    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    Ok. I just heard from John Rizzo... He told me that Cody ( the owner ) would like to host the seniors one pocket again this year... Once again in October, if it does not conflict with any other senior tournaments that are already scheduled. Once again they are adding $2000.00 to the purse and...
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    My First WWYD

    Exactamundo... well thought out
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    Frank's 'The Barber' Back Bank!

    While it may not have seemed like a dig when posted... it kinda sounded like one... 🤔 FWIW, I thought it was a well executed shot.. This merely shows, in a well constructed video, what’s possible... Tks Whitey. You da man...👍
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    Who had the highest gear you've ever seen for the dough?

    An “on the square” gear, (no chemicals added) playing either 9 ball or one pocket and for about 20 years.... Jose Morales...better known as Efren Reyes... he got the cash... and was a gentleman all the while... There have been countless examples of “Flashes of brilliance” performed by many...