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    WWYD # 81,813

    Kick 2 rails into the bottom of the 6ball leaving the cue in front of his pocket and sending the 6ball uptable.
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    Bluegrass Billiards WWYD 12

    My choice would be to play the cue ball softly off of the right edge of the 10 ball to a point on the long rail just below the first diamond leaving the cue on the short rail between opponent's pocket and the 1ball. 10ball moves to center of the table taking the bank out of play. The 6ball shot...
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    WWYD shot after the break

    Bank the 11 two rails into the stack ( short rail- long rail ) pushing balls to your side. With follow, send the cue 1 rail off the bottom cushion hiding it behind the 4. You can't win with the balls sitting as they are- you need balls on your side ! Good WWYD. Thanks Mitch
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    WWYD here?

    I don't think he'd play that shot with the 3 by the long rail on my side.
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    WWYD here?

    Cross the 3 to your side. Send the cue ball to long rail by the 11. If you kick the13 away from his hole you are inviting an up table game which is strongly not in your favor.
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    Justin Hall VS Chip Compton ~ Feburary 2nd & 3rd, 2022 ~ Playing Even ~ Race to 15 for 20k in the middle

    Sneaky- Text me your email address so I can square up. Nick Principe 240 876 2003
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    Compton v. Hall Race to 15 in Morgan City before tournament, Feb 2-3rd 2022

    You are on for 100.00. Nick Principe 240 876 20033
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    What you witnessed was indeed a gaffe game.. Player 1 spots Player 2 12-3 13-2 ( or something along those lines). Player 1 gets the balls racked in his corner pocket, the break and the first shot. The gaffe is that usually after the break the balls will bunch up in front once the breaker has...
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    One Ball One Pocket

    any foul is loss of game would be my vote.
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    $3,000 Added 6th Annual Seniors One Pocket Tournament July 1-4th, 2021

    terry Please the spelling of my last name on the players list #8 Principe. Thanks Nick
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    Money sent via PayPal. Thanks Nick P,
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    NOLA Diner news flash

    Thanks Jimmy- I am looking forward to it. Nick