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  • Hardmix,

    Dustin tells me you want to know about Blackcreek cues. One of my good friends actually plays with one; we have a weekly Monday night game. My buddy is good friends with Travis Nicklich (sp?) and he thinks the world of him; he also likes the cue.

    His cue is pretty beefy, but he like them that way, so maybe he asked Travis to make it that way. I am not sure if this helps, but if you have any other questions, feel free to PM or to call if you want. My number is (314) 601-5866. I play with a Treadway, and I love it.

    I am looking forward to catching up with you at the DCC this year.

    Hey Keith missed you in NO. I tried the kamui black super soft and did not get along too well. As stated I am not using a Zan medium which is a fairly hard tip.

    I have not run the drill in a while but no I never made 45 in a row. The best i did was something like 42 or 43 out of 45 but that was acceptable to me on a 4.25 diamond pocket.
    Hey Ben, I just put on a kaumi brown super soft tip. i feel its the best tip I've ever used. keith
    by the way did you ever make 45 in a row???
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