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    Canadian Ghost - Version #7

    Glad that you agree with me. That means that the shot is "on".
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    Canadian Ghost - Version #7

    The obvious problem here is that it's difficult to put whitey in a position on the table to where he can't make that wired 4-8 combo. A guy could shoot the 2-railer on the 3, hoping to make the 7, but he'd have to make it. I'd likely kick 4 rails with left spin past the 3ball around the table...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you pilgrims...:cool:
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    Dementia/Alzheimers and Pool

    Touching story about the nursing home. I've had a few folks with Alzheimer's in my practice (I wasn't treating their Alzheimer's), and it's strange how some can seem fairly normal if you didn't know them. Some use examples of confabulation, where their brain makes up a story to sound like...
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    Happy Birthday, crabbcatjohn

    Happy Birthday to one of the good guys!!..
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    2022 Fall Regional Tournament - Memphis - November 4-6

    That CAN'T be Newkirk. Last time I saw him he had more hair than that!..;)
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    Danny D vs Ronnie Allen

    Seems to me that neither guy would give in while matching up. It may have come down to an argument over which cueball to use, and they couldn't agree. Artie would have shown RA a game that Ronnie was not accustomed to...:cool: Yeah, RA was born in '38, Artie I believe in early '45. I think...
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    Twist Banks!

    Damn, he has perfect mechanics, doesn't he?
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    Happy Birthday Col Bille!

    Celebrating in Southhaven I see...:cool: Happy Birthday, nay-bah!
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    Danny D vs Ronnie Allen

    That was a match for the ages. AND, they were both well past their primes...:cool:
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    The man. The legend. Happy Birthday, bro!
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    Bayou State Classic-February 7-12-Emerald Billiards New Iberia, Louisiana-$16,000 Total Added!!

    That is very impressive. And it's great that he's supporting pool to that extent!
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    WWYD - Canadian Ghost Version #6

    Nice WWYD, Nick. Hey, if you're playing even with Paul Portier, you're hitting them pretty sporty...:cool:
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    Romy’s, 4th & Main, Los Angeles

    Great story! I know Willis went on the road with Wimpy for many years. What a duo! Willis may have been the best 9ball player of that era.
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    Birthday--MILLER--Milestone 50!!!

    It's all down hill from now, bro...:cautious: Hope you're having a memorable birthday, my man!