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    Official sign up list for 2024 MOT at Railyard Billiards, Louisville, KY

    Well, at least they're not 4.24"😄...
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    Happy Birthday Cardone!

    Happy birthday, my man!! In 9 months I'll be as old as you...:)
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    My report on the "Express rules" used at Buffalo's last week

    I remember when he instituted that rule at one of his 1P events. Grady was a fast player himself, and he frowned on intentionally slow play.
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    Birthdays.....Birthdays.....ChicagoFats & one pocket guy

    Happy Birthday to a coupla right guys!!🥳
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    My report on the "Express rules" used at Buffalo's last week

    I didn't realize that the Jansco's eliminated the push out. I wonder which version they played? Don't know if Cardone would remember. John McChesney instituted the no-push out, 3 foul rule in the mid 1980s for his Texas Express events. That's the first I'd heard of it. IMO it ruined the game...
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    Yeah, I remember the 5X10s by the Market St. side. I don't recall the bleachers. Maybe they were there for an event? I was there in the late '60s, but not again until the early '90s. I think in the '60s they still used the Market St. entrance. Later you had to enter from the Golden Gate...
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    short rack one pocket

    I don't have a film, but I've played the 11 ball rack. It's essentially the same as the regular game, but shorter. The 11th ball is placed frozen to the 8th & 9th balls in the back of the rack for the break shot.
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    John Schmidt's post on Facebook today

    Well, a shot clock would be more in Schmidt's favor. Yes, he's 50 years old, but he stays in good shape.
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    November 16-19 Buffalos Open One Pocket tournament

    Where is Sergio Rivas from? I'm not familiar with him.
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    November 16-19 Buffalos Open One Pocket tournament

    How'd that turn out? Nice to see "Downtown" Eddie Brown still sniffin' aroun'. Loves the action, and an experienced sharker...;)
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    November 16-19 Buffalos Open One Pocket tournament

    I see that Mike Black is in the event. I thought Mike left the area. Didn't he used to own the poolroom in Baton Rouge? Real nice guy. Good shooter. Surprised that Lil John isn't around.
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    2024 MOT dates and location

    Red Card's excellence at poster making is exceeded only by his great wry sense of humor....(y)
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    Henderson One Liners

    He always made funny jokes about his "sure fire" method of horse racing handicapping. And I wish I could remember some of his sarcastic remarks about his old friend, Ronnie Allen. It's hard to believe that John is gone.
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    Happy Birthday Crabbcat!

    Happy Birthday to a great player and man of many talents. Cheers!
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    Facebook warning

    I'm sorry to hear about that, Tom. FB is not only dangerous, but it's a pain in the ass. Somebody put up a fake FB page for me (Arthur Tripp, D.C.), and FB refuses to take it down, despite several people telling them it was fake. When I went to put up a page for my business, that fake page...