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  • Clare, accidentally deleted you from my friends... sorry had no idea you changed your name... B
    Clare, my friend. You scared me. I'm glad to see you are well. I know its you because you are the only member I have officially friended. I have a few friends on here but not officially. Stay well.

    Your friend,

    Pete Saxton
    Good morning Clare. I'm flattered that you put me on your "friend" list, not that I have the foggiest idea of what this is or means. I'm pretty new at this, but since I like to wake up at three to four to write, you have contributed to my morning, "pen pal" fashion.
    Do I know you or did you read my book? Who are you? Where do you live? I guess it's OK to ask questions like that.
    In any case, if I didn't know you before, it is my extreme pleasure.
    Sincerely. Alfie Taylor
    Its always been like that around here. Its been real windy here also, must be from the planets slowly getting in line with each other.
    In the process of trying to figure it out, I requested all sorts of friends. Which is great because they are all people I LOVE having as friends. But to be honest, I don't really get the gist of the whole friend thing. Dennis is pissed that I friend requested him. He thinks it's juvenile. Are we surprised?????? LOL. Like someone with a name like "Cowboy" is so mature. Yeah, right.
    Steve, how nice of you to take pity on me. thanks. But seriously, how does this whole friend thing work? How do I add you as a friend ?
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