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  • I aint forgot, Pel. I am looking forward to it. (Remind me anyway when you see me at the Derby, these are the days when I cant remember my phone number half of the time)
    You hadn't forgot that I got a little credit coming for a quick lesson. Hell, I'll even take ya to dinner, then you break even :)
    I read that you might make additions/corrections to upcoming editions of TEOPH. It's a small thing but in the Cokes section a story is attributed to Bobby Newbols. His last name is spelled 'Newbold' —'d' but no 's'. (I know people who've known him a long time that think it's 'Newbolds or Newboles'). I've heard many pretty good stories from him about Hubert most of them I've never seen in print. Also, if you want hi-rez copies of those pictures of Ti I can send them up there.
    Take care,
    Re: Picture of Sugar Shack
    I remember reading some of what you've written about him. I'd delicately suggest there might be some usuable (and in the public domain) pictures of him available. The ones I am thinking might exist would much resemble mug shots since that's what they would be.

    Maybe to bypass the local constabulary and all the hassles that attend dealing with them, there could be some shots of him in the local newspaper archives in Chicago.
    Freddie, you get a chance check my post on tournament purse in bank pool. I really respect your opinion.

    Thanks, Pel
    Fred, I am re-editing the first issue of Cue Sports Journal and would like to use the edited version of Artie's post on Grady.

    I will send you a copy of the first effort, which I think has nice content but too many errors to send to potential customers. Mary K convinced me that I need to rework it.

    Hey Freddy ...just wanted to let u know I got the tapes! Thanks so much! I watched the onepocket hall of fame so far and it was really great...the tribute to Wade Crane was really special and you look pretty good for a 71 year old ! Must be the Greek in you ;) lol...also I spoke with Greg about the One-handed tournament and its a thanks for setting me up with him...your the best! XOxO <3 Peaches
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