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  • Frank good morning. Since I lost my address book that I've had since the late sixties, I no longer have your address. My plans are to arrive Monday around lunch trime on June 6th, let me know if that's ok by you. Hope your not hittin' em too good :).

    Bill 719-784-1378 land line.....cell....only on when traveling 719-375-9478
    We're digesting all the info you sent and it looks pretty good. We have a tourney scheduled for the end of this month and probably not enough time to use this format but the next one for sure. thanks Bill
    I'm not sure if that number I gave you from my receipt is what's needed, just let me know if ya got it. I tried now to ck that number w/o results. My guess it'll arrive today.
    Frank I am here but have no signal/phone.......I will try and call later on today, this probably will not happen (play) if it does Monday or Tuesday will be it.

    Frank How you doing? I am going to leave my number give a call when you can would like to drive up and get together.
    Ron Padilla
    951 674 8457
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