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  • HI LENNY, its keith stanton from tucson. i keep hearing that scott is opening a room in phoenix, is that true? if so where and when? thanks for any info, keith
    Hi Lenny!
    big fan of your streams, and own a few of your DVDs. I started a thread the other day regarding a local 1P league I'm starting and got some feedback on my proposed handicapping system. Someone mentioned you may have a similar system and I was hoping you might have a few minutes to look over what I posted and give me your thoughts. If you have something you'd be willing to share that works for you, I would be very grateful for anything you'd share. Thanks man!
    hi lenny. i am one of your customers on your monthlty one pocket shows. great job. do you have any idea where and when to pay for stream today. cant find a link anywhere. would like to watch Bernie play. thanks, Harry Farrell aka cooldudela
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